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1 MWR Cmmand Code works on Black Ops on 12/6/2012, 11:10 am


Modder & Code Porter
Tested This Long Time Ago and it only said Unbound on Ur Ammo Screen. Nothing Works Just visual scratch

Mega Non-Host Code (must be using the Bravo controls) activators: UFO: tilt and press A, GOD: home , inf helis/strikes: tilt and press right or up,Restore/Max ammo tilt and press B,Demi God Mode tilt and press down

42000000 90000000
0615FE70 000003FA
756E6269 6E64616C
6C0D0A74 77697374
62696E64 20574949
5F5A2022 67697665
20616D6D 6F220D0A
62696E64 20574949
5F412022 2B737072
696E745F 616E645F
63616D65 72616C6F
636B220D 0A747769
73746269 6E642057
49495F41 20226E6F
636C6970 220D0A62
696E6420 5749495F
484F4D45 2022676F
64220D0A 74776973
7462696E 64204450
41445F4C 45465420
22676976 65204272
69636B5F 42206173
7465725F 6D70220D
0A62696E 64205749
495F4220 22676976
6520616D 6D6F220D
0A747769 73746269
6E642044 5041445F
52494748 54202267
69766520 68656C69
636F7074 65725F6D
70220D0A 74776973
7462696E 64204450
41445F55 50202267
69766520 61697273
7472696B 655F6D70
220D0A74 77697374
62696E64 20445041
445F444F 574E2022
64656D69 676F6422
0D0A7365 74207569
5F616C6C 6F775F74
65616D63 68616E67
65202231 220D0A73
65742070 65726B5F
77656170 52617465
4D756C74 69706C69
65722022 302E3030
30303030 30303030
30303030 30303030
30303030 30303030
30303030 30303039
220D0A73 65742070
65726B5F 77656170
52656C6F 61644D75
6C746970 6C696572
2022302E 30303030
30303030 30303030
30303030 30303030
30303030 30303030
30303039 220D0A73
65742070 65726B5F
77656170 53707265
61644D75 6C746970
6C696572 2022302E
30303030 30303030
30303030 30303030
30303030 30303030
30303030 30303039
220D0A73 65742067
5F636F6D 70617373
73686F77 656E656D
69657320 2231220D
0A736574 2063675F
74726163 65726368
616E6365 20223122
0D0A7365 74206367
5F647261 77546872
6F756768 57616C6C
73202231 220D0A73
6574206D 6F746420
224E6967 67657273
20536D65 6C6C2042
61642209 0D0A7365
74207569 5F616C6C
6F775F63 6C617373
6368616E 67652022
31220D0A 73657420
63757374 6F6D636C
61737331 20225E35
4E696767 65727322
0D0A7365 74206375
73746F6D 636C6173
73322022 5E32446F
75626C65 20546170
220D0A73 65742063
7573746F 6D636C61
73733320 225E3553
6C656967 6874206F
66204861 6E64220D
0A736574 20637573
746F6D63 6C617373
3420225E 31535E35
685E3369 5E327422
0D0A7365 74206375
73746F6D 636C6173
73352022 5E32436F
6F6C205E 35436F6C
6F727322 0D0A7365
74206375 73746F6D
636C6173 73312022
015E3510 04245D69
69464C59 220D0A73
65742063 7573746F
6D636C61 73733220
2249616D 20043333
37220D0A 73657420
63757374 6F6D636C
61737333 20225E35
4801106B 046E6720
636C0173 73220D0A
73657420 63757374
6F6D636C 61737361
73733420 225E3153
5E35685E 33695E32
74220D0A 73657420
63757374 6F6D636C
61737335 20220102
03040506 07080102
0D0A0000 00000000
E0000000 80008000



No, it´s not working on black ops.



Admin & Writer
Bully's command code for zombies works in campaign mode on Black Ops and it's not a visual, the codes actually work. I tested it myself. It won't work if you change button layouts or change the controls or the controller. If you do do that you'll have to reactivate the code before it will work again.



Yes, but MWR command codes can´t be ported to Black Ops that easily.
It doesn´t work on Multiplayer anyways plus it has to be encrypted before it does something!
Command codes save to the button configs, that´s why the zombies one also works on campaign... Shocked



Modder & Code Porter
If u try it


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