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1 wii FW 4.3 cIOS249 is a stub problem! on 12/21/2012, 9:29 am


Hi i tried configurable USB loader to set the hooktype to ossleepthreat.
now it shows me the error message that my ios 249 is a stub and that i have to reinstall it.
i allready deleted my ios 249 with the anytitledeleter mod v7.1
and reinstalled it cIOSx rev.21.
however, i have still this problem!

Pls help me!


Admin & Writer
Warning: Prepare for lots of reading. LOL! I usually use Multi Mod Manager or MMM for short to allow actual cIOSs to be installed. Download this program and use the IOS manager built into the program to renew IOSs/cIOSs or to remove stubbed IOSs/cIOSs. This is the program that I use and I've never had a problem with the IOSs/cIOSs (that I know of). You can also install WADs, view your system information and a bunch of other stuff too! Just be careful with this program, though because I think I was messing around with the IOSs and cIOSs and other stuff as well and I returned to my Homebrew Channel and everything turned upside down, but this was a very long time ago, though and I'm not quite sure if that was the problem or not, but just have some sort of brick protection just in case such as Priiloader or Bootmii installed as Boot 2. I think that the official developer(s) of MMM didn't mention that their program would cause a brick and I'm pretty sure that it won't unless you do something very very stupid, but if you still aren't feeling 100% sure that nothing will go wrong I'd also install one of those programs for using if your system gets bricked. My system didn't get bricked, but I can't use the Homebrew Channel anymore, though. It's a good thing I installed Priiloader the same day my Homebrew Channel turned upside down. If you search for Priiloader you might also see Preloader. The one that you want to get is Priiloader because it's basically v2 of Preloader. I hope that I helped you. Let me know if I did.



ok thank i will give it a try now. What a Face


You shoud use "Pimp My Wii"



My FC = 5243-9892-4716


ok thx i now solved this problem! Wink

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