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Admin & Writer
I Googled "supermanmodsv4" and I scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see what there was and I found this cool little site. It shows the statistics of the person's YouTube channel.

Now we can tell if someone is cheating their views or whatever or not.



Alive; not dead. Dead to be alive.


Moderator & Coder
Moderator & Coder
This page makes my laptop act nuts. lol

Please help me earn some extra dropbox space. http://db.tt/9srKWou0

The energy you give, you shall receive.


LOL, awesome.
Look at the "Daily Video Views" with the insane peaks xDD

361013 total views on one day (07.10.2012) and 186 on another (11.01.2013).
What a damn cheater fag he is



Admin & Writer
What I don't understand is that you're way more of a hacker than Superman, but you don't even cheat your views! Everyone of your views, likes and subs are real (I hope lol). He had to cheat all of his.

You're right, he's a fag. How can I prove this? He gets banned from every site he goes to. No one likes him and he stole credit on one or more of Seth's codes. I think it was the wall hack non host and for all players when host.

Who knows, he could even be signed up on this site and we don't know it!


Alive; not dead. Dead to be alive.


He is in need to cheat his numbers because he sucks ass and wants to appear cool while I´m fine with what I legitly get. Even though, it´s a bit too less :s

There are some codes on geckocodes where he put other people´s codes into a different codetype (06) to take full credit. xD Also, the only codes he can make himself (without stealing anyone´s prework) are dvars. Actually, dvars are also known to work and do what people described on modding sites. Taken meanly, it´s not his own work once again. Rolling Eyes

I don´t even know if he really has a USB Gecko or just lies. He makes videos about mods made by other people and mentions it in one sentence so that nobody can say he´s stealing them. He´s black, btw. The first few days I made the site he spammed it with ~50 posts in 1 day. What a fag in general. Well, let´s stop hating on him.



there is a bug in youtube some vids get insane many views but infact there dont truth


My FC = 5243-9892-4716


No it´s not. Some people legitly get a ton of views and some people cheat.


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