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Admin & Writer
Read what's in the spoiler.

Time Freeze At 0:00:000 (NTSC-US Wiimote+Nunchuck) [mdmwii]
28341462 00000010
04531130 60000000
E0000000 00000000
28341462 00001000
04531130 38030001
E0000000 80008000
NOTE: + to activate - to deactivate

That right there is the code that you can use in Battle Mode to freeze other people.

When you start the match, wait about 10 or so seconds and activate the code, then wait a short time and disable the code and eventually the other player(s) will begin to slow down and eventually get stuck where they are and only you will be able to move.

As far as I know, they can't be unfrozen. I know that this actually freezes the other players because I reactivated the code and left the game running for 20 minutes and eventually the n00b's characters in the game disappeared one by one every 1 minute to about 6 - 7 minutes probably because of lag or they either shutoff their Wii.

When they are frozen, you can't harm them other than with the blue shell and only 2 or 3 other items. When they are frozen, you can't get points by hitting them. You can still collect coins though, but you can't get coins from hitting the frozen player(s).

Unfortunately, this code can't freeze other players in Race Mode online. Offline it gives everyone else a head start as well, but I'm not sure about offline Battle Mode though. It also gives other people a slight head start in Battle Mode online, but not in Race Mode online.

I'll be posting a way to piss off everyone, including the host in Modern Warfare Reflex with just a single code sometime today or tomorrow.

I think that I might know a way to end the match as non host using a custom class mod for the C4, but I still need to test it out a bit more.

Enjoy freezing n00bs! Twisted Evil



Expert 3D Animator
Expert 3D Animator
lol, looks interesting! Twisted Evil




Faithful Member
Good code!! BUT the problem is,.. what if people just freeze everyone for fun?? Even though its not a n00b, they might freeze other people Rolling Eyes


Trusted Member
Trusted Member
It might turn into the account hopping problem in Mw3. I remember those days Mad


Admin & Coder
Admin & Coder
but no one ever plays mkwii anymore ^^ (at least what i know)



Trusted Member
Trusted Member
Oh, i was thinking about putting it on my USB but its probably a waste of space.


No, MKWii is one of the best Wii games ever.
You´ll always find races online and the available hacks/mods are superb. Cool



Lol I still like to freeze people's Wii's on Mw3 with name toggling code that uses the characters ^[{+smoke}][ and ^[{+stance}][


Expert 3D Animator
Expert 3D Animator
Seth@WiiPlaza wrote:but no one ever plays mkwii anymore ^^ (at least what i know)
hmm mkwii has become very boring(for me) but I'm still playing it, and always find enough people, I always find ftw, ftl, n00bs(I'm within that list Razz ), girls, boys, whatever, etc...

Even two or three days ago, anarion told me that he keep playing mkwii and it's still fun, again...

but it all depends on your "taste", maybe you like games about wars or combat with guns instead of racings or any other kind of game...I like both! exdee!

so, for now, "we"/(I'm) are just waiting for the mkw-u release! What a Face


10 Time Freeze n00bs on 3/23/2013, 8:52 pm


I do use this code in battle vs a n00b. Its does work in Races but not like the perfect time code. The first 2 numbers on the right changes but pending when you cross the finish line will be your time once its activated. I have used it against a FTW hacker.
Rolling Eyes

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