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1 Possible? on 8/13/2013, 11:46 am


Code Creator
Bully i have a question:

Is it possible to make an ASM code without a gecko? Like lets say you have an address that you know what it does...

If you are a whiz at your commands and you know how to store this value here with stw(store word), and how to add this value there with addi(add imediately)...

Is it possible?

2 Re: Possible? on 8/13/2013, 11:52 am


Credit Stealer
Credit Stealer
Yes, I made my own codetype (Reversed ASM) And you you don't need a USB gecko.

Splash's reversed assembly codetype

Do you need a usb gecko? - For some codes you do, and for some codes you don't.

Part 1

First get the base address of any dvar or whatever by using HxD. But instaid of adding 05 at the beginning, add an 8 or if it only has 6 bytes, add 80.
Then you want to copy it and paste it in the value search section of gecko dot net. If you have a gecko then you know what to do. After you paste the code, click on update and it should bring you to a random address highlighted in blue. Double click it and it will bring you to another blue highlighted address. Double click on it. Now select and copy the start offset of the code.

Part 2

Next you need to open any asm program. Paste the code in the bar and press enter. Now the asm code will display. Copy and paste it into notepad.
Now your code will look somthing like this

I used the "r_fog" dvar so mine looks like this

C294C56C 00000001
60000000 00000000
Then you want to change the C2 On the very first line to 04 and remove the entire second line and add E0000000 80008000 and add an activator. Thats it! Your done!

The final code is

No fog [Splash]
28200FA0 00008000
0494C56C 00000001
E0000000 80008000
Press home on the wiimote to activate.
The line after the 04 line differs by what dvar you used.

3 Re: Possible? on 8/13/2013, 12:24 pm


Code Creator
Do u know whats SO much easier?? Instead of putting it in an ASM program, just put 04 in front! Lol.

Basically you just found an address using another address's float, and put 04 in front with a new value.

Im asking about C2

All the "Official" coders hate me. That's what keeps me coding! Cool 

4 Re: Possible? on 8/13/2013, 12:26 pm


Credit Stealer
Credit Stealer
This works for C2 Lol, just do the opposite

5 Re: Possible? on 8/13/2013, 11:33 pm


Wrong, this is all bullshit.
Regular ASM (04, C2, ...) can only be done with USB Gecko breakpoints.
The address is always different to the original since it's now a "command" address.


6 Re: Possible? on 8/14/2013, 1:49 am


He has a USB gecko...I code with him over Skype.

7 Re: Possible? on 8/14/2013, 2:06 am


He's banned now for credit stealing and such.

I gave the answer, solved.


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