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ph4ze Anthony

(Code Reuqest) By Pass Anti Hop Code SC7E52.

(Code request)Ban Code for Zombies sc7e52

(Code request) Delete All Allys Zombies SC7E52 Black ops

(Code request) Anti Hop Perposals Zombies SC7E52

(Code request) Anti Hop for in Lobby account hopper Zombies SC7E52.

(Code Request) Text to name toggler Zombies SC7E52/Text message to name

(Code rquest) for sc7e52 Black ops i need a code where when someone disconects you/Account hopping you you automatically reconect to you're account or a code where you can quickly get on You're account or quickly log back on to you're account.

(Code request) Recent Players account hopper Zombies and no this is not out yet. i have looked.


Moderator & Coder
Moderator & Coder
Your a fag for only wanting game ruining codes for you to abuse.

You don't need this shit. If you had it, you would abuse it.

Buy your own USB gecko if you want codes like this. By the time you learn to make them you will have a different respect for them.

"With great power comes great responsibility"

Please help me earn some extra dropbox space. http://db.tt/9srKWou0

The energy you give, you shall receive.


Leeches only care about ruining the game for everyone nowadays instead of sticking to getting an advantage or having a different gaming experience when the game gets boring only.

People like you are the reason why I DON'T even bother releasing or giving hints on such codes. Wink You also keep repeating yourself like a spamming fag, may I quote your previous posts? Better not and let everyone check it themselves:

Two anti hop requests are in the trash also, you can't see it if you aren't >= moderator on this site.


4 ¿leader board hop? on 10/27/2013, 11:03 am


hi every body who has a code that makes you #1 in leader board


Trusted Member
Trusted Member
rudoph wrote:hi every body who has a code that makes you #1 in leader board


Closed Rolling Eyes


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