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Reclaimer Shawn

Code Creator
Alright,so some of you guys may remember the thread I posted a while back about modifying Pokemon X and Y,right? Well,I need a research team to help me test. Here are the requirements to join:

1)Knows Some Skills In .PKM and Hex Editing
2)Has An Action Replay
3)Has Pokemon X/Y and Pokemon White/Black
4)A Laptop
5)A 3DS or 2DS
6)The ability to keep quite about certain things until everything's finished
7)Skype: We need to be able to communicate verbally

Alright,so here are some of the goals of the team:
1)Using the "Emulator Loading" exploit I made,we try to load a Pokemon into the game(We'll try loading the "Leaked" event Pokemon first)
2)Map out their Move Hexadecimal ID's and Abilities(If Goal 1 is successful)
3)Map Out The Move Sets of Said Pokemon
4)Find Maximum Stat Values for Said Pokemon(We'll set EV Values to be 255 if the hack check doesn't catch it)
5)Make a Website on Forumotion to help get the project growing(After we've confirmed if the method works and we've mapped out our first view Pokemon of course.)
6)Map Out The Hexadecimal ID Values for All Kalos Region Pokemon
7)Find All Hexadecimal Values for Pokemon Abilities
8)Find All Hexadecimal Values for Pokemon Moves
9)Make .PKM Files For EVERY Kalos Region Pokemon(Shiny and Non-Shiny) with Maximum Values,good moves,and their set abilities)
10)Leak Files And Codes Online on the Project Website

We've got a pretty hard task on our hands,and ALL of these goals are long term goals. Expect this to last much,much more than a month. Probably at a max of 4. Now,I need a couple of dedicated people to help with the project. If you do wish to help with such a hard task,then you will all be the first ones that actually get these hacks,and when the website is made,you all will be given high ranks. But,before our long term goals start,I'll be giving you guys the explanation of the method,and a little bit of a debriefing. We also all need to exchange friend codes,so we can all do online testing in battle on Pokemon Y. Also,to find maximum stats,we'll have to Level each and every Kalos Pokemon up to Level 100 with the modified EV's. This will probably be more time consuming then anything. We will need separate people mapping out separate things. People who want to join will need to post their friend codes down below,and on December 27th,when Pokemon Bank and PokeTransfer are released,we begin our project. Thanks for reading this long wall of text by the way!

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