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I have a Wii U now (which has no Gamecube ports), but I'd like to continue playing DanceDanceRevolution II [SUREA4]. I bought a Mayflash adapter that allows a Gamecube controller/dance mat to be plugged in to the Wii Remote and be treated like a Classic Controller. The only problem is that the dance mat arrows all get mapped to the D-Pad. So as long as I'm pressing the left arrow, I can't press the right arrow. Likewise, as long as I'm pressing the up arrow, I can't press the down arrow. It won't recognize simultaneous opposite D-Pad entries. This is a major problem in higher-level songs.

I've searched long and hard for a solution, but the simplest one seems to be a remap of two buttons. The game allows me to use A/B/X/Y as directional inputs once the song has started. So if I had a Gecko code that swapped A with D-Right and B with D-Down, the songs would work just fine. Navigating the menus would be a little awkward, but I don't mind that.

I would really appreciate any help on the matter. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.


Admin & Writer
Did you hack your Virtual Wii in Wii U? Button remappings in a Gecko code can be difficult, especially for some people, but it can be done. Also, I heard that these dance games are very difficult to hack because of the constantly changing values. And I don't think that anyone in your exact situation has a Gecko to make the code. Also, is it the Classic Controller Pro for Wii or Wii U that you are using? My guess is the Wii, right?



I do have the Homebrew Channel in vWii. The adapter treats the dance mat as a Wii Classic Controller, not a Wii U Pro Controller.

I wasn't aware of any added difficulty caused by the nature of dance games. I appreciate the information. Is there anything else I can provide to make it easier? I don't have a Gecko, but is there any other way I could find the code points for the button mappings? Perhaps through Dolphin somehow?


Admin & Writer
If you have a super ass high-tech computer, then I guess you could try with Dolphin, but the memory isn't the same as the Wii. So, just keep that in mind. Wink



Oh, I didn't mean playing it in Dolphin. I've tried that before, but there's no way to prevent the arrows drifting from the audio over the course of a song. I was just wondering if there's some USB Gecko alternative that would help me get the proper code points by using Dolphin. From your last statement, it sounds like there isn't. I suppose I'll just hold out hope that someone here is set up more favorably for this situation.

Thanks again for all your help. Please let me know if there's anything more I can do.

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