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1 Thought I'd Send in a App on 6/18/2014, 5:22 am


Well I thought I might as well give it a shot for a Mod or Coder.

Username: [ViRz]Shadow (Was wondering if I could change it to Shadow@PSNPlaza like on my PS3 and Wii)
Age: 18
Position desired: Moderator or Coder
Why do you want the position: Well I have been messing with a lot of stuff I am learning and currently coding in Python. I am 99.99% online pretty much whenever I'm home or get a chance. I have been a mod for 3 sites sadly all 3 sites have gone down due to lack of payment Sad. The sites were both Revolution x Clan sites and the WII~VIIRUZ Clan site. My last one was the best out of all of them and that was CodeDepiction. I kept all of the stuff clean of spam and dealt with a lot of annoying people helped them out and learned what it takes to help run a site. I was going to go for Admin but the site got shut down got down before we could make it official I had all the votes and the yes.


2 Re: Thought I'd Send in a App on 6/18/2014, 6:56 am


You can have coder now, mod maybe later. Thanks for your contributions. Smile

Sorry for your other sites man!

I also had to see how mdmwii.altervista.org, wiird.l0nk.org and volderbeek.freeforums.org died which I enjoyed using (maybe I forgot one or two).

This site will most likely never go down, lol. I just hope things can continue as planned. Donations are always welcome though! They will be used to improve the site when desired.


3 Re: Thought I'd Send in a App on 6/18/2014, 10:31 am


Sweet thanks Bully, and ya CodeDepiction was a good site great staff to. I think you may know the Site creator and a few of the staff. The site originated from the $ clan. The site owner KaBoom aka $~Lucky~$ had some family issues and couldn't make the payments anymore I offered to help pay but he said just you know never mind whatever happens happens. Again thanks again for the promotion Smile.


4 Re: Thought I'd Send in a App on 6/18/2014, 10:38 am


Admin & Writer
Awesome! Another coder! Very Happy This site needs more coders and people who know what they're talking about. Nice job on getting the promotion. Smile


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