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1 Shit's Coming Down With Google! on 6/20/2014, 6:45 am


Admin & Writer
What comes to your mind when you think of Google?

Best search engine, YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs?


Wake the fuck up, sheep! Not too long ago, Google unveiled it's "unmanned car", which takes landscapes and roads and easily maneuvers over them without a single fucking crash?! I call that weapons for terrorism!!! If these plans were leaked out to the public, someone could easily build one of these, mass produce them, plant a 500 lb fuckin' bomb in them and have it deliver a 'message' to The President!!!

"Pfft! Shitnbitch, how the fuck is anyone going to get a hold of the documents and blueprints anyways?! Google isn't that stupid!" Oh, hahahahah!!! Remember, what I posted not too long ago about the "Google Patents"? You can find almost every patent with documents and applications on there. Do you not think that Google posts their own patents on their patents site?! Of course, it doesn't really contain the 'official blueprints', just diagrams, but it tells you how it works, the claims and gives you structered diagrams of the patent. All you need is to think really hard and you can recreate it!

Google has had a program called Google Street View for quite some time now. It's a car that drives around and has a 360 degree camera that takes pictures of EVERYTHING it sees... ALL OVER THE FUCKING WORLD!!! Privacy invasion!!! I'm pretty sure people don't want to have their pictures taken and uploaded to a god damn fuckin' database for the whole world to fucking see!!! That's not the only privacy invasion that they've commited, but I'll explain more later when I have more info.

Google is just fucking corrupted in general! Why? Take YouTube for example, we aren't allowed to express our own opinions or upload copyrighted material for our own god damn entertainment!!! We're not allowed freedom of speech, entitled to an opinion or whatever. They just ban our fuckin' accounts as they please!!! Recently, Google decided that we're not allowed to have our own extensions in its browser. Like, WTF?! We don't even get a fucking choice?! Fuck you! It's our own god damn fucking security that WE have to worry about and fix ourselves NOT YOU!!! You do this to your beloved browser, but you won't do it to your fucking Android app store?! You let people get scammed with viruses, exploitation, etc. to hell on there and you just sit back and don't do shit all!!! Fuck you!!!

Now, tools for espionage (spying)! Hmm... let's see! Oh, yeah, that's fucking right!  Very Happy YOUR FUCKING GOOGLE GLASSES!!!! angry "Shitnbitch, they're only used for tutorials and capturing video." Oh, really?! Adddddddduh?!?! You aren't the only fucking one capturing video!!! Google puts spyware and shit into those fucking glasses and gives them to sheep because they have no fucking idea what security even is!!!

Now, why the fuck couldn't you just take a fucking $50 camera and tape it to your fucking $2 glasses and it does the same fucking thing!!!! "Mahhhhhhh... I don't know. Cuz glasses are cooler with a camera and it's even cooler when they're made by Google!  rabbit " Jesus fucking christ!!! Why the fuck do you think Apple and Google price their shit 800% higher than products that you can get else where that do the same god damn thing?!?!

They didn't just put a fucking OS into the phone and say it's better because it's thin and has a touchscreen!!! They put technology in there that is inaccesible to the public... for now! Why do you think there's not a single fucking screw or prop to open a fucking EyePhone and why is there a camera and microphone on both fucking sides of the fucking phone?!?!?!


Legit proof and maybe a video is coming very soon!


2 Re: Shit's Coming Down With Google! on 6/20/2014, 6:57 am


Yes, Gaygle is evil. They act like they're the king of the world and everything has to comply with them. Tired of the shit they put people up with on YouTube and other services.

"Please not that we have the final word in deciding such as letting you continue to use your account or terminating it permanently for no reason. Argue with our bot or read our FAQs if there's something you didn't like."

If there only was a decent competitor they may try harder in treating their customers well. Wink


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