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This is a video of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham), the richest and most powerful terrorist organization there is! These people are so fucking fucked in the head that they kill innocent people! Not by suicide bombing like Al Qaeda, but actually go inside people's homes and slaughter everyone, including the fucking children!

They even got a hold of American Humvees, drones, guns, bombs, you fucking name it! I've even heard rumours that they even have American passports! Now, I don't know about the passports, but if what they're saying about the passports is true... WE'RE FUCKED!!!

There has even been Canadians and British soldiers who converted to Muslim and were sent down there to fight terrorism, ut instead they're down there joining ISIS and killing innocent fucking people!

Just for those that don't know: Treason in this day and age is the worst crime you could commit, besides genocide! And in every country, if you commit treason, you WILL be executed! It doesn't matter if your country doesn't have the death penalty or not. They aren't going to put you on deathrow for 30 years to wait to be killed. They see you and you won't ever see the light of day ever again! What I'm saying is the second they see, they'll put a fucking hole in your head!

In some countries, such as India, if no one likes you, they line up about 20 men in a row and the poor bastard has to walk beside everyone of those men. The men have hard as fuck canes that they use to beat you across the head. They hit you as hard as they fucking can. And if you get through all those men, you walk away as a free man. But no one ever makes it to the end of the line, until they're dead!

Are you scared?! Good! You better fucking be! These fucked up people are most likely already in your country and will kill you! They'll beat you and your fucking family to death and put thousands of bullets into your god damn fucking head! They don't care if you're a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or an atheist or whatever the fuck you are! Unless you're ISIS, they'll fucking blow you to shit!

The video:



Trusted Member
Trusted Member
Godamn.... o.O


Admin & Writer
I've even seen the Zetas Cartel (Mexican drug gang) decapitating innocent immigrants with swords and chainsaws. It's just really fucked up to see! If you watch it long enough, you'll eventually develop PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Some people who have that actaully get put up on the 4th floor for the rest of their lives! Seeing it happen in real life is worse, obviously.


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