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1 Mario Party Codes (N64) on 6/26/2014, 5:03 am


I used these all the time when I was a kid there codes for the old Mario Party game. Just thought I'd post them for the heck of it.

00ED749 00FF    Infinite Time (Mecha Fly)
8022623B FFFF    Mecha Fly Guy Flies For 21 Seconds (191 Spins)
800FCA03 0064    Upper Left Character, 100 Points (Face Lift)
800F383F 002A    Slow Motion
800ED744 000D    Infinite Time (Face Lift)
810FA7EE 0710    Infinite Time (Coin Block Blitz)
811024F6 0700    Infinite Time (Coin Block Bash)
810FAD3A 0710    Infinite Time (Coin Shower Flower)
801F7979 0004    Infinite Lives on Minigame Island
800F37C4 00xx    Lots of Coins on Minigame Island
811B571A 03E7    999 Coins in Minigame Stadium, 1st slot

800FA720 00FF    Always Pedaling Bike In Pedal Power
With this code, pedal power still requires you to move the Control
Stick, although less, to light the bulb.

80101AF 00xx    Board Modifier
xx = 06    Magma Mountain
xx = 07    Eternal Star

800F37BC 00FF    Have 50 Mini Island Games Beaten
800F37BD 00FF
800F37BE 00FF
800F37BF 00FF
800F37C0 00FF
800F37C1 00FF
800F37C2 00FF
800F37C3 00FF

800CDAFD 00??    Jukebox Shop Music Modifier (Option)

Replace ?? with:

01    Weird Sound...
02    Mario Party Theme
03    The Power of Stars
04    In A Submarine?
05    Everyone's A Star
06    Opening
08    A Very Nice picture of All The Characters
09    Another Nice Picture

D00ECE09 0010    Press R Button To Reset Timer To 0 (Bobsled Run)
810FF34C 0000

D00ECE09 0010    Press R Button To Reset Timer To 60 Seconds (Cast Always)
810FBB548 003C

D00ECE09 0010    Press R Button To Reset Timer To 60 Seconds (Bumper Balls)
810FCD16 003C

810F32B4 0???    Upper Left Character Modifier
810F32EF 0???    Upper Right Character Modifier
810F3314 0???    Lower Left Character Modifier
810F3344 0???    Lower Right Character Modifier

Replace ?? with:

001    Mario
101    Luigi
201    Princess
301    Yoshi
401    Wario
501    DK

800D62D3 00XX    Upper Left Char. Rolls 10
800D6317 00XX    Upper Right Char. Rolls 10
800D635B 00XX    Lower Left Char. Rolls 10
800D639F 00XX    Lower Right Char. Rolls 10
810F32B8 00XX    Upper Left Char. Coins Modifier
810F32BC 00XX    Upper Left Char. Stars Modifier
810F32E8 00XX    Upper Right Char. Coins Modifier
810F32EC 00XX    Upper Right Char. Stars Modifier
810F3318 00XX    Lower Left Char. Coins Modifier
810F331C 00XX    Lower Left Char. Stars Modifier
810F3348 00XX    Lower Right Char. Coins Modifier
810F334C 00XX    Lower Right Char. Stars Modifier

Replace XX with any number 0-9 or letter A-F.

80101A6F 00??    Board Modifier

Replace ?? with:

00    Dk's Jungle Adventure
01    Peach's Birthday Cake
02    Yoshi's Tropical Island
03    Wario's Battle Canyon
04    Luigi's Engine Room
05    Mario's Rainbow Castle
06    Bowser's Magma Mountain
07    Eternal Star

800ED14E 00FF    Title Screen Look
800ED146 00??    Title Screen Modifier

Replace ?? with:

00    Mario
01    Luigi
02    Peach
03    Yoshi
04    Wario
05    DK
06    Toad

800ED147 00??    Box Modifier

Replace ?? with:

00    Coin Box
01    Lucky Box
02    Casino Box
03    Goomba Box

Player Location Codes

With this code, if you place '1' as the quantity digit then that character
will be stuck on space 1. This code may freeze if the space you specify
is a space beyond a forked road or a door. I recommend you put the
computer players or opponents on the first space or on the nearest
red space that is not beyond a fork in the road. A forked road is a
road the has the options to go in 1 of 2 directions!

810F32C4 00??    Upper Left Character Stuck on
810F32F4 00??    Upper Right Character Stuck on
810F3324 00??    Lower Left Character Stuck on
810F3354 00??    Lower Right Character Stuck on
800ED5C7 00??    Amount of Turns Modifier
800ED5C9 00??    Always On Turn Modifier
800ED145 FFFF    Have Fake 255 Stars (Mushroom Village)
800ED121 00??    Dk's Jungle Adventure-Play Time Modifier
800ED123 00??    Dk's Jungle Adventure-Stars Modifier
800ED125 00??    Peach's Birthday Cake-Play Time Modifier
800ED127 00??    Peach's Birthday Cake-Stars Modifier
800ED129 00??    Yoshi's Tropical Island-Play Time Modifier
800ED12B 00??    Yoshi's Tropical Island-Stars Modifier
800ED12D 00??    Wario's Battle Canyon-Play Time Modifier
800ED12F 00??    Wario's Battle Canyon-Stars Modifier
800ED131 00??    Luigi's Engine Room-Play Time Modifier
800ED133 00??    Luigi's Engine Room-Stars Modifier
800ED135 00??    Mario's Rainbow Castle-Play Time Modifier
800ED137 00??    Mario's Rainbow Castle-Stars Modifier
800ED139 00??    Bowser's Magma Mountain-Play Time Modifier
800ED13B 00??    Bowser's Magma MountainStars Modifier
800ED13D 00??    Eternal Star-Play Time Modifier
800ED13F 00??    Eternal Star-Stars Modifier
80226231 FFFF    Mecha Fly Guy Speed Up
80226240 FFFF    Mecha Fly Guy Are Not On The Center Of Screen
8022623A 0054    Mecha Fly Guy Flies For 12 Minutes With A Little Control Stick Push


2 Re: Mario Party Codes (N64) on 6/26/2014, 6:16 am


Admin & Writer
I highly doubt anyone even plays on a console that is 20 years old, but OK. Like, I still play the NES, but that's for the nostalgic feeling. xD Also, these codes are obsolete since I think you can play every Nintendo game on the Wii through the Virtual Console Channels and use Gecko Codes for cheating.


3 Re: Mario Party Codes (N64) on 6/26/2014, 7:14 am


These "codes" look like address and value. It would be really easy to "convert" to gecko codes anyways.

Yes, you can "inject" games into .wad files and play them on your Wii if they don't exist yet.


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