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1Sad Lost My Friends To Video Games on 6/28/2014, 11:50 am


Admin & Writer
Well, today I lost my last two friends! They decided it would be fun to buy a stupid $20 game on the PS3. The objective of the game is to build blocky pixelated shit in a 3D pixel world. That's it, nothing else! The game has no fucking concept at all! Like, WTF?! What the hell were the developers trying to prove in that game?! That only a retard would think of this game as being so fun that you could care less about anything else, including friends, family eating, sleep, etc. Jesus Christ!

That game is like a fucking drug! Forget about Cannabis, this fucking thing should be recalled and banned! It destroys young people's lives! My friends got 90+ in all their classes throughout highschool and the last semester, they got low 60s! I don't know how the fuck they're thinking that they can get into university with those marks, let alone not get expelled for being retarded! Stupid fucking kids are always on those fucking video games! It's like a fucking drug! Well, there goes all my friends, lost to dope or technology. Fucking bastards!

One of my friends is so fucking addicted to video games that he has to see 3 different counselors everyday! Guess what the counselors deal with? Drug and alcohol addicts. Yeah, that's how bad it is! Whenever I'm outside, he'll look through his blinds in his window and run away. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to see him come outside on his porch. He'll look around, like he's never seen the light of day or another human before.

His eyes are so fucking bloodshot, you can't even tell his eye colour. I tried talking to him once and he just looked at me, ran away and made some kind of fucked up noise that I've never heard before. He can't even talk like a fucking human being! He should be put on the 4th floor for 6 months. He'll probably go so fucking insane and psycotic that no one could possibly imagine!

God, I feel like crying and just ending this worthless shit... Crying or Very sad


Alive; not dead. Dead to be alive.

2Sad Re: Lost My Friends To Video Games on 6/28/2014, 1:04 pm


Trusted Member
Trusted Member
Damn, cheer up man

3Sad Re: Lost My Friends To Video Games on 6/28/2014, 1:11 pm


I thought that *you* were playing too much video games and lost your "normal" friends. Nevermind xD
Maybe they're useless freaks, get over it. Never sympathize with people too much, it's not helpful. They'll all be "gone" probably when you graduate from secondary school like how it happened to me. University becomes a lot harder than school. Neutral


4Sad Re: Lost My Friends To Video Games on 6/28/2014, 1:24 pm


Admin & Writer
I know.  lol  I don't give a shit about what my friends or other people do. It's not what happens early on in life, it's what happens when you're out in the real world, where people won't give a fuck about you, unless you've done something great in this world. The funniest thing is that there's actually mentally challenged people at my school that have part-time jobs, while none of my friends do! They haven't worked a single hour in their life! It's fucking pathetic to say the least.  lmao2 

And Bully, you're absolutely right about sympathizing with people too much. One of my friends wants to become a neuro surgeon, but I told him he should try to find what's wrong with his brain before he tries to do the same to others. He flipped shit at me, but I didn't give a shit because it's true! xD I honestly don't give a shit about anything anymore! Very Happy I could care less if everyone on this planet just died, including myself!


Alive; not dead. Dead to be alive.

5Sad Re: Lost My Friends To Video Games on 6/28/2014, 9:50 pm


Yeaahh, I prefer neutral feelings over very sad or very happy. I guarantee you that it's great. Smile

shitnbitch wrote:[...] One of my friends wants to become a neuro surgeon, but I told him he should try to find what's wrong with his brain before he tries to do the same to others. [...] I could care less if everyone on this planet just died, including myself!


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