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For years, the NTSC/US wii version of Planet 51 has not been hacked and no Gecko codes for this game are currently available on the internet right now. I'm requesting some codes for the Planet 51 wii game that should be in the gecko codes website and others. Only three codes for the PAL version of the game exists on that website, but not yet for the NTSC. This game needs to be hacked with gecko codes so that I can complete the game and be able to perform other fun stuff like glitches and stuff that will allow us to get outside the game's models. The following codes (including hacks) for the U.S. version of Planet 51 the Game I'm requesting to be made are expected to be used and added for that game:

  1. Infinite Vechicle Turbo
  2. No Vechicle Damage
  3. Moon Jump
  4. No frame-skipping
  5. Can dispense more than one vechicle at a time
  6. Can ride a passenger car, even if the police mode
  7. Unlock all vechicles
  8. Unlock all multiplayer characters
  9. Unlock all comic pages
  10. Unlock everything
  11. Unlock all levels
  12. Super turbo on Lem's Running and pretty much others excluding the opponents and police cars
  13. Play as character (with all different characters) for 1 player mode*
  14. Jump in and ride a police car
  15. Camera zoom in/out
  16. Crush one car to win (in Crushing courses)
  17. Collect one comic page to unlock all pages
  18. Roger Smith slow down in the first mission of the game
  19. Field of view modifier
  20. Free rotate camera
  21. 16:9 to 4:3 (vertical minus version and not by the game settings, changes the vertical FOV, should also include HUD but unknown for Menus)
  22. HOR+ field of view (changes the horizontal FOV of the screen, HUD and Menus)
  23. Change background music that's in the game
  24. Unlock all missions
  25. Multi jump
  26. Go through walls
  27. Mega Jump
  28. Moon Jump and Mega Jump codes for vechicle
  29. Infinite time
  30. Cannot be busted
  31. Sunlight modifier
  32. Unlimited items on pickup truck
  33. Dropping items off the truck does not fail the mission

With the Play as character code, here are some characters who are in the game including the one's not in the multiplayer mode:

  1. Lem
  2. Skiff (the modified version of Roger Smith from American Dad)
  3. Neera
  4. Peggy Sue
  5. Big Greaser
  6. Greaser
  7. Reporter
  8. Gorilla
  9. Lem's Father
  10. Lem's Mother
  11. The Early version of Kip Supernova
  12. Hippie
  13. Afro Alien Friend
  14. Voorde
  15. Chuck
  16. The early variant of Lena Thackleman and the baabian citizens (the teen girl aliens)
  17. Journalist
  18. General Grawl
  19. Some soilders
  20. Other alien citizens (including the child ones)
  21. Glar
  22. Police Aliens
  23. Teacher alien

If you can create other interesting codes for the game including the codes I've requested, that would be nice.

Last edited by brandondorf.raguz on 8/8/2014, 8:46 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : added another code so that we can achieve smoother playback.)


I've noted this down and will try when I got time for it.



I wish i was a coder so I can create interesting codes -.-


I wish you wouldn't have triple posted and pasted all of my geckocodes codes here, removed the credits on all codes just to finally say that all credits go to me. Wtf?



X) I'm wierd.. Get to know me'''

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