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My friend was coming to get me this morning to go to the doctors I figured I'd get on the site to see if they had gotten smart about the error yet (Not likely I know) When I came across a post this morning titled Fix Class Freeze. I click it and I see all that was posted were some of Bully's classes made through his create a class program only instead of titled Public Class 1 or Combat Class 1 it was named Class 1 Unfreezer. I laughed so hard I spit out my sprite (Only thing I dare to drink right now) for the simple reason's of that the people who use and have that code also use the Clear Ally List code and the Clear Recent Player's code with the values maxed out so there stuff is still screwed. Lastly you have to look at the classes to get these to take effect just like any other class mod. I laughed so hard that I gave myself the hiccups. Attempt to help the Wii Tard population failed lmao



Skid mode is the default case though, no surprises here.



Uber Website Hacker and Mod
Bully@WiiPlaza wrote:Skid mode is the default case though, no surprises here.

SKID MODE POWERS, ACTIVATE! (1 w1ll l337 h4x y0u w1th j4y'5 5h3ll 800T3R. )   <---- Inside joke between all monster members.


++Mentor++ wrote:We explore... and you call us criminals. We seek
after knowledge... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color,
without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals.
You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us
and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals.

Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is
that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like.
My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me

I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual,
but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike.


Code Creator
There is a way to fix it lol


Code Creator
42000000 92000000

The values depends on what you want. It changes auto so u dont have to look at calsses to do it
but this is for class 1 only, class 2 is posted too somewhere, the rest of the addresses for the other classes have yet to be found


At least it fixes the class freezing.

My program knows all the class mod addresses already for class 1 - 5 and you can copy over to slot 5 - 10. Reason being that values change for these classes making it very time-consuming to code and it's not even necessary when the game can do it for us. tea


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