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This is a pretty advanced request and is the last of the recent PBR requests in the past month or two, yes, TwitchPlaysPokemon has asked me to put the request for this kind of code. I anticipate its a very difficult code to pull off correctly, but here's the gist:


These GUIs (except P1/P2 in the corners and the actual battle itself) need to dissapear (not load) while still accepting input. I'm not even sure this is possible, but i'm putting forth the request anyway. This seems like a very challenging code(s) to create.

Streamer will be using an automated system that uses the precise timings and flags to do the input, so he/she wants the GUIs gone as not a distraction for the audience. This is the reason for the code, it's more aesthetics and making sure the presentation is perfect.

Either codes in PBRP01 or PBRE01 are acceptable.


Most likely this will requires some luck to succeed. Did you check any of my "Misc. Codes"? They contain graphical modifications. I'll try to do your request soon though and let you know about the results.



Sadly I just found out there's one more little tidbit of a code we need and that's to modify the P1 and P2's display position (separately) by means of the X axis so we can move it closer to the screen.

That one shouldn't be too hard.

I've already looked in the codes available and I could have sworn I saw a display position modifier but I checked again: guess I didn't.


Long story short I was just checking up on the status of the silent graphics code but streamer recently informed me:

"It might be a long shot but I'm wondering if it's possible to have these interfaces squished down to a single pixel in the corner of the screen as this will make it possible to detect what kind of input the game is expecting without obscuring the view of the playfield."

So.. I was wondering if crunching the GUIs down to a single pixel in the corner of the game was a code that is even possible. I'm sorry to continue to ask of such wizardry, as this will be all over soon, but you're the only one around left that seems to be experienced with such code creation.

I don't understand what the streamer asks of me anyway: If the GUIs are transparent what use is taking a pixel from them and shoving it in the corner going to do if streamer can't reliably detect this pixel concerning the rotating environment and color changes? Perhaps what he wants is for a single white pixel to be placed at the top right of the corner of the screen whenever GUIs are made to disappear, or more realistically rendered during fights. Again, that kind of solution would require code wizardry, so I'm trying to think of an alternative approach to his problem.


I did not find a way to move the HP bars. Also, I've got various gui movement/ zoom codes but they sadly always affect everything. The following may be close to the streamer's needs:

Hidden Graphical Interface Frames (also a bit more...):

Crunched Screen (notice the upper left corner!):

Crunched Menu (it spazed out though!):

Removed Menu (X coordinate out of bounds):

That's the best I could get, lol. Rolling Eyes



Bully@WiiPlaza wrote: -long snip-

So there's no way to move the bars and GUIs together? Oh dear..

Is there anyway to augment at least the HP bars back into display with the removed menus?

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I tried for 2 hours today so I'm done Neutral



Bully@WiiPlaza wrote:I tried for 2 hours today so I'm done Neutral

Here's a hint that I think to be useful: when the HP bars appear they slide into position. I expect the "final positions" of where the bars are told to stop are in memory somewhere which can be altered.

If there's anything else we can do to make this more feasible such as completely disassembling PBR then we will.

Are there any other really damn good Gecko code creators out there we can contact to pull this effort together? Even if we have to pay one or more of them, we will.


Admin & Writer
WE won't pay them, the one that wants the code will pay them.



Thomas83Lin is damn good, he usually makes any code in 1 day or so lol just like with the PBR unlockers on geckocodes but this is more special. :s

You can also help yourself though since Dolphin has code search etc. functions.

Last edited by Bully@WiiPlaza on 9/27/2014, 5:01 am; edited 1 time in total



shitnbitch wrote:WE won't pay them, the one that wants the code will pay them.

Hold on. When I said WE, I meant the Revolution Team & Streamer. Not the forum members.

Thats to clear up a misconception, sorry.

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