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1Sad My Friend---> Suicide on 10/25/2014, 8:52 am


My Friend committed Suicide Last Night, I just received a call from his Parents. I'm Sadden By what has Happened. Im unsure of what Happened
Exactly. But, Besides that I'm hoping no one here will Do what my Friend Did. I think He Hung Himself because of stress. He was probably the most smartest young man I have ever met. He had a 4.7 GPA at UCLA. He was even smarter then the professors and often Correct there Mistakes. The point is, Please don't do what my friend did! No matter What there is always a way to get out of these situations. Remember there is Always a way out, and most of all Hope There is Hope for you!Sad And Remember also, People Care about You! Family, Friends... You name it! Please i'll say this one more Time, DON'T DO WHAT MY FRIEND HAS DONE! THERE'S ALWAYS A WAY OUT!

2Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/25/2014, 8:59 am


That really sucks, especially since the idiots who better deserve to be dead will keep living while smart people choose suicide way more often. Not only are they much rarer. Also I'm sorry for him as a friend of yours Sad


3Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/25/2014, 9:03 am


Thank You Bully, and Yes it often does occur to the Smarter Ones

4Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/25/2014, 4:16 pm


Admin & Writer
I'm deeply sorry to hear that, man. I don't know what it's like to have your friend killed. But I do know people where this has happened to them as well. It must be so hard to live like that. Just keep one thing in mind: Stay strong! Don't let this stuff interfere with your life. I want you to live a long happy life, have a beautiful, young wife, meet people, go places, get lots of money, etc. And just like you said; there's always a way to solve your problems!

If something like this happened to me, I'd prolly be in the loony bin again, because I'd just be so depressed and traumatic. I just couldn't handle it! If someone bullies you, you shouldn't hurt yourself or go so far as to kill yourself. If you really wanted to kill yourself, just ask yourself one simple question. If you kill yourself right now, what did you put into this world? What did you accomplish and are you satisfied with how much you accomplished? I get thoughts about killing myself, even if I'm not even depressed or anything! But I keep asking myself that question every time I get those thoughts. By the way, did your friend solve his stress problem? No! He might have ended his life so he wouldn't have to deal with his stress, but he could've found a way to relieve the stress and still continue his life. Instead he ended his life and got rid of his stress, but put more stress than he had on the people around him. When you do something stupid, it doesn't affect only you, it affects everyone around you. Keep that in mind!  Wink

Also, I'm not sure if you're a spiritual person or not, but here's some Bible verses that might be able to help you in your difficult time. All of life's answers and questions are in the Bible.  Wink



5Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/25/2014, 11:53 pm


Whenever you feel like everything you do is pointless or that you only end up doing stuff you don't like just keep going and stop caring. You'll feel better about it soon. There are ups and downs. Keep a neutral mood to deal well with every situation.

- You failed a test and / or feel dumb?
Okay, just try harder next time and try to be interested in what you're studying. It almost guarantees success.
- Your friends talk shit to you?
Who cares, just don't take it serious. Also, maybe they're assholes and you should get other friends.
- Your girlfriend leaves you for no reason?
She's a bitch then anyways and isn't worth shit. Leave her alone.
- You think or people say that you're ugly?
Just look at some other people out there. Looks aren't that important if you're a man. Make-up can make anyone look decent, it's nothing.
- Someone close to you personally died?
Just move on, you can't do anything. Do your thing. It may seem harsh but get over it quickly.

There you have it, a great life attitude which gets you to where you want to be. Concentrate on your life goals and the good things. Too many emotions are for the weak. Smile


6Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/26/2014, 2:03 am


Uber Website Hacker and Mod
Im agnostic. Lol and bipolar. I don't really believe in a certain being like jeebus. So..... lol.


++Mentor++ wrote:We explore... and you call us criminals. We seek
after knowledge... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color,
without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals.
You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us
and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals.

Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is
that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like.
My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me

I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual,
but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike.

7Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/26/2014, 7:54 am


Thank You For all your Support! Yes there is Up and Downs in life of course its Natural. Yes, I am Spiritual. Thanks Again!

8Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/26/2014, 11:22 am


Hey man I feel ya I have a problem with depression to. Look at it this way at least he's not in anymore pain and or suffering.


9Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/26/2014, 12:02 pm


Admin & Writer

But that's not the way it should have went. He's not in any pain or suffering anymore, yes, but like I said; look at all the suffering he put on everyone around him.

But if you were really bullied at school or whatever, you know what I would do?

Read [url=http://vault.zypherion.com/Homemade C4, A Recipe for Survival - Ragnar Benson.pdf]THIS[/url]. Or watch the official video of it below.

You might want to learn how to make Gelatin capsule bombs as well. These can be put into a vehicle's gas tank and when the chemical reaction eats away at the Gelatin capsule, well, I think you already know what would happen.  xD


By the way, if you need to get this shit, just get a prepaid credit card and buy them off eBay for cheap. Just be careful you don't get caught, especially by the cops or you'd be looking at Guantanamo Bay for the rest of your life!

Once you got all the shit ready and are 100% sure that it will work, carry a big sports bag with the explosives to school. If anyone asks, just tell them it's a bunch of hockey equipment. To make it less suspicious, you could even carry a hockey stick. But have the stick made into a concealed rifle. It's not too hard to do this. If you don't know how, just ask YouTube or Google. Once you get into the school, make sure there's an assembly going on or something where there's a bunch of people crowded together. Walk into the crowd and detonate the explosives via something easy like a cellphone call. BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! You'll obviously get yourself blown to bits, but at least you won't be going to Guantanamo.  Wink   Twisted Evil  xD


10Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/27/2014, 4:13 pm


Hah-aha! That's Funny! I'm only 14 So I may be Underage to be Dealing with Fire Arms! LOL Maybe when I am older Wink

11Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/27/2014, 4:55 pm


Admin & Writer
Hey! There's 5 year old terrorists, so what makes you think you can't be a terrorist at 14?!  xDDDDDD

"Abu" is "Father" in terrorist... Uhh... I mean Arabic!  xD  Wink


12Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/28/2014, 2:38 pm


LOL, Terrorist Baby??? That's a New one! But still... I shot a shotgun and AK-47 Before but never made explosive XD Laughing

13Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/28/2014, 10:12 pm


Expert 3D Animator
Expert 3D Animator
OMG, thank GOD, you are already better, I'm so sorry for that and how sad, but remember that everything has a time...Ecclesiastes 3
otherwise, most people (especially young children) with large capacities, can suffer that because of the pressure in every sense,  and, as you said, that leads to extreme stress, that ending up in a pitiful loss, as your friend... in a nutshell... do they have the capability to support their capabilities?

regularly these unfortunate losses are caused by a short circuit (figuratively), between psychological and emotional, as connect a 5 volts bulb at a current of 220v...if t does not explode, it will be a miracle!!!

I wrote all this so we can understand or at least to have an idea of the kind of situation that your friend lived in his own...


14Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/30/2014, 3:58 pm


Thank You for that Powerful Message CH90! I'm of Course not Fully over this Horrible Loss, But it has left a hole in my Heart to see this happen to such a Person

15Sad Re: My Friend---> Suicide on 10/31/2014, 1:29 am


Admin & Writer
The worst thing you can do about this situation is let it dig a deeper hole into your thoughts and your heart. And try not to think about it all the time.


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