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1 Piracy Sites Take Down on 11/17/2014, 12:43 am


Anti-piracy organisations have cracked down hard lately.

After megaupload, kino.to now boerse.bz has been closed and houses of 121 uploaders in Germany searched. The latter was probably the biggest German warez site with millions of visitors per day (!).

Basically make sure you're not uploading any warez, even downloaders may have to fear of getting caught. It's not funny anymore so make sure you have a clean vest.

Here's the translated article by the way:


2 Re: Piracy Sites Take Down on 11/17/2014, 8:17 am


Moderator & Code Porter
My favoriteTracker has was to oblige to migrate in Russia the last year, in the paradise of hackers, no law against the hacking over there.


3 Re: Piracy Sites Take Down on 11/17/2014, 12:33 pm


Admin & Writer

Yeah, but Russia is one of those countries where you're guilty 'til proven innocent. Also, their laws are completely different than ours. In fact, they don't even understand our laws. And with a war going on with Ukraine and Russia, I'm not sure if anyone would really want to go there, just to evade going to jail for hacking.


Have you heard of Operation Onymous? The FBI isn't only shutting down piracy websites, they're shutting down Tor markets as well. Who knows, they might just decide to shutdown some sites devoted to hacking next.  Shocked



4 This is interesting!! on 11/28/2014, 6:06 am


Newb Level Helper
When you think about it. Its just information obtained from a machine thats only good if that machine is available to use. So how can anybody say any information what so ever that is obtained from the internet is theirs to own an copyright. If that's the case then dont put it on the internet.

Refer to the recent episode of South Park (Craigs Moms Bush) Nobodys' life is private and nothing is sacred.

5 Re: Piracy Sites Take Down on 11/28/2014, 8:22 am


Admin & Writer
LMFAO! I watched that episode, it was funny as hell. xD And I 100% agree with you. If people don't want their shit copyrighted, then they need to produce measures to stop it from being copyrighted. Like, jeez, you'd think movie theatres would put a device inside the theatre that fucks with cellphones and cameras or something, but nope! Then we get in shit because it was actually their fault for letting us do it in the first place. Same goes for hacking! There was a boy (19) who literally lives just a 3 hour drive away from me that hacked into the Canadian Revenue Agency website earlier this year by exploiting the HeartBleed bug. He lost his electronics and is in jail for 10 years. It's a God damn server that holds every Canadians' SINs and other top secret information and it was raped. Dumb bastards!

It was on the news that the most dangerous bug is being exploited and on the news all around the world, they were telling everyone to patch their systems or switch over to TLS or just shutdown their servers, but nope, Canadian government was being brain-dead like it always is and left themselves vulnerable and that poor 19 year old is in federal jail for 10 fucking years because of someone else's mistake. God, I honestly think some people need to go to the hospital and get their brains checked out. Stupid idiots!


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