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1 Vides Games Sucking More & More on 11/22/2014, 6:04 am


Well, the development of video games over the years is quite shocking. Shocked

At first, games were simple and kinda bugged. Developers have their best to make good games. I'd say till 2000 or so. They were fun to play once in a while but obviously not too addictive.

Then games got more complex and polished until like 2009. The increase in quality games was insane! I had some high expectations for the next years which sadly couldn't be disappointed much more.

Now since 2010 games usually only have better graphics but have tons of bugs again since developers know that they only need to release a patch and that the community can do the testing. Months later, the game may turn "playable" for the first time. Rolling Eyes Also, a lot of complexity and creativity added before is now taken out in favor of laziness of the developers in an attempt to make as much money with a "cheap" product as possible. I noticed that direction on a lot of games. So sad when great game features from years ago are just taken out or replaced by something inferior instead of building upon them.

Why can't we have nice things? Why do lead developers/ instructors suck so bad? Clearly, it's greed because they did it before. Where does all the money they earned before go if not back into the game? If I had the lead in some big gaming company you'd be guaranteed to see the most stunning and awesome games instead of the half-assed garbage most of them produce.

As example game series I'll take Yu-Gi-Oh because the latest version called "Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival Bundle" for 3DS is pretty much the worst ever (very bad amazon reviews). They took out multiplayer online and local for example! The game from 2004 was still better than this one and 2008 was the best ever (in my opinion). Now we have 2014 and games start removing online modes to save money, WTF? Douchebag gaming companies better stop complaining about piracy or loss of fans because shit like that isn't worth a penny with all the free games, apps and whatnot these days. Heck, even their older games are more worth playing. Neutral


2 Re: Vides Games Sucking More & More on 11/22/2014, 7:58 am


Admin & Writer
This is one of the reasons why I bought an NES off eBay not too long ago. In my opinion, it's the best system ever made! Sure, the games were pixelated, what do you expect from the 80s anyways? If I had to choose from the last game I'd ever play, it would be an old game not some piece of shit, poorly designed game that most people play these days. And people don't want to play a game like Call of Duty by themselves. This is why the consoles have support for online gaming. But if you take away the online mode from a game like Call of Duty, what's the game really worth?

I'd love to be able to play Super Mario Bros with someone from the other side of the world someday. Too bad the devs at Nintendo keep making the same shit over and over again! It's been about 40 years since video games were available, but honestly, I would've thought we would've had a lot better video games by now. In about 50 years (if video games still exist), people are still prolly going to be playing the same old Call of Duty that we have right now because the gamers let the devs feed them their garbage. It's the same with Apple! Sheep keep letting them feed them the same crap. An Apple sheep thinks there's a difference between iPhone 1 and iPhone 6, when there's no fuckin' difference at all! If only people would open their fuckin' eyes! Rolling Eyes


3 Re: Vides Games Sucking More & More on 11/22/2014, 12:59 pm


shitnbitch@BWH wrote:An Apple sheep thinks there's a difference between iPhone 1 and iPhone 6, when there's no fuckin' difference at all! If only people would open their fuckin' eyes!  Rolling Eyes
There are also a lot of Apple sheep who think the same phone is better and faster when someone pretends it's the *new* iPhone. I showed this YouTube video before xD

These days games are pretty at best but there's nothing innovative, so sad. Nobody would've expected the same garbage still in 2014 lol. Super Mario Bros. Wii U with no online mode, same story and levels a 5 year old could've designed via drag-and-drop? Wow, really? Hackers made an entire new game by creating custom levels which could've been sold by Nintendo like that on Wii U and sheep obviously keep buying because it says Mario on the packaging and it's considered a good game. Rolling Eyes

All the potential wasted by greedy companies. It's almost a scam asking for the full price on a 90% copy & paste game. Neutral


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