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1 Calling Leaked Photos a Slam Scandle on 11/28/2014, 7:09 am


You know what really annoys me? When celaberties photos get leaked. I don't mind that they do but what bothers me is that they try and lie and say there fake and slam scandles. Between learning how to code using HTML, Javascripting, Python, C++ and Gameconsole coding/Hacking I know for a fact that every system/program has it's faults. So if your stupid enough to take nude pics of yourself and save them to your Icloud account. Then don't whine and cry cause someone hacked it and leaked your pics. And for gods sake don't call it a "Scandle" or "Fake" when anyone with half a brain can see that there real. Stand the fuck up and admit to doing it not try to cover it up with this stupid "Oh I didn't take those it's a scandle to try and slam me, They are all fake." UH DUH Shut your face They are real you fucked up now sit down shut the fuck up and get on with your lifes.


Admin & Writer
LMFAO! I have all the The Fappenings, except for the gay ones, of course. xD My favourite one is of Kaley Cuoco (Penny from Big Bang Theory) and Jennifer Lawrence (Bitch from The Hunger Games). And 95% of the pictures that all the celebrities took with their phones were iPhones. That just goes to show how stupid they already are. I say let them be stupid... I wanna see more pictures of their pussies! exdee!



If you trust in Apple technology you already deserve a shitty fate. Apparently other cloud services don't get hacked (as often). xD

It's also funny how photos of a prominent woman are a big deal with 3,5 billion of them on earth which all more or less look the same. Who even cares, there's nothing special on them compared to bitches who post nudes on their own. To me at least Rolling Eyes


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