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1Important Call of Duty Cheater-Skid FAQ on 12/7/2014, 6:36 am


It's pretty sad how most people are spreading false information about everything Call of Duty online cheats related that it's not even funny. FAQs are very useful in organizing everything in one place including the *CORRECT* answers to questions and misconceptions. Let's go Wink

I found a few more impact addresses which I added. Now I'm taking credit...
For an impact mod there are only 2 possible dvars which are used by the game. One is perk_bulletPenetrationMultiplier and the other bullet_penetrationMinFxDist.

Everything else does nothing. The only needed address however is the first one since the second one is sound/ fx related. Also testing showed that it didn't change anything no matter its value.

Conclusion: This has been made and you can't add anything useful so please stop stealing credit.

Proof: USB Gecko detects that all the other addresses are not used via "breakpoint read".
My non-host impact mod code is awesome, I can wallbang much better!
Wrong. It's a host all players code which does nothing non-host.

Proof: USB Gecko detects that the impact address is not used via "breakpoint read"
I'm stacking impact mods to make them stronger!
Nope. Writing different values to same addresses results in the last write to be the one who wins.

Proof: Testing with USB Gecko and looking at the result in memory
I have a red box code which works on Blind Eye users!
No. Red boxes are based on the Predator Missile red boxes which do NOT show up when a player has the Blind Eye perk on. This doesn't apply to Assassin users.

Proof: I made/ analyzed the code

I however heard that it's possible to disable the Blind Eye check on public lobbies in a YouTube video featuring a "Call of Duty: Ghosts" hacker but it has never been discovered how on the Wii for MW3. I lost the link but that's all he said anyway. Again, this information might be false since there has been no proof for it.
I have god mode non-host for MW3 and/ or BO!
Nope. Server commands have been patched after "Modern Warfare Reflex" and "World At War" so it's not possible anymore since that was the only way to do it.

Proof: The button binds are now encrypted but even with decryption and encryption of modded code the cheating commands don't do anything.

On "Black Ops":
Only harmless commands like "say" (posting to the in-game chat) or "fast_restart" (restarts the map) work.

On "Modern Warfare 3":
No server commands work

Proof: By testing with codes, ISO modding and no proof of the opposite on any gaming platform
An USB Gecko can account hop anyone!
Nope. When a player uses the anti account hop and follows the guidelines of not revealing his own xuid (which is described in the first post as well) it's impossible to reveal one's xuid.

Proof: Everything a USB Gecko can do to the game in terms of changing memory can be made as code too
Your rapid fire, sleight of hand mod, etc. are non-host!
It's a visual. Observe the ammo counter when firing your gun. It increases itself again after you stopped shooting because you're not really shooting faster. A "Sleight of hand" mod makes it look like you reload instantly and can then fire but your bullets don't register or lower themselves. Again, codes not posted as non-host aren't "fully" non-host. Rolling Eyes

Proof: Let someone host and tell you that your rapid fire, sleight of hand mod, etc. isn't doing anything on his screen therefore rendering it useless
Let me stack some codes I found on the Internet and/ or change some of its values to take credit...
You do NOT get credit for modifying other people's work or leeching/ stealing it in any way. 

Only if you make something *NEW*, port or improve something you may take some credit. Only if you did it "from scratch" you may take full credit if nobody else made it before (and released it).

Proof: Common sense and the words of the geckocodes.org database admin James0x57.

Force host doesn't give me host!
It works by opening joining an empty lobby and by starting the match so that only you can have host. When other people are in the lobby it may migrate if you're not the one with the best ping/ Internet connection. It's not a guarantee for getting host but it helps.

Proof: Experience with a 6.000 DSL Internet which is worse than most people have according to speedtest

The game never starts when using force host!
Your Internet may be too slow for the game to allow you to host. Make sure you're not downloading or uploading anything or upgrade your antiquated Internet.

Proof: Happened to me when I was keeping my Internet busy or when my Internet was currently slow for some reason (strict nat type)
Owning a USB Gecko immediately makes me a l33t coder!
Not quite. Rolling Eyes You still need to set everything up manually and then *MAKE* the codes by knowing how to yourself. A USB Gecko does nothing by itself but it can be very useful when used *correctly*. If you're a n00b you might be lost and give up because it actually takes some skill hence all the tutorials. No software or device makes you a "beast" until you know how to use it and no, coding other gaming consoles is not "harder" solely because they have better computation power. Coding very old console games is actually more confusing than newer ones due to weird value representations and whatnot.
That's it for now, I hope it helps. Smile

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2Important Re: Call of Duty Cheater-Skid FAQ on 12/7/2014, 7:43 am


Just wait until Skid-Anonyfag sees this xD.


3Important Re: Call of Duty Cheater-Skid FAQ on 12/7/2014, 8:06 am


Trusted Member
Trusted Member
This is a nice guide bully thumbsup But the rapid fire code you made works non-host? And it doesn't seem like a visual.

4Important Re: Call of Duty Cheater-Skid FAQ on 12/7/2014, 8:47 am


I was working on a Red Box mod for Black Ops but never got around to finishing it. It's in there and very possible. It's under the attack heli stuff if you play PS3 or Xbox when you use killstreak you have red boxs around the players not using Ghost Pro.


5Important Re: Call of Duty Cheater-Skid FAQ on 12/7/2014, 9:33 am


Shadow@BWH wrote:I was working on a Red Box mod for Black Ops but never got around to finishing it. It's in there and very possible. It's under the attack heli stuff if you play PS3 or Xbox when you use killstreak you have red boxs around the players not using Ghost Pro.
This was related to MW3 anyways. The killstreaks are not in the game so the red boxes are neither.


6Important Re: Call of Duty Cheater-Skid FAQ on 12/7/2014, 3:24 pm


Ya I meant it would only be for the other two systems. Sad that they couldn't fit it in tho I love that killstreak xD.


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