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1 [SC7E52] My first ASM code on 12/22/2014, 9:04 am


Code Creator
Infinite Clips *Host Only**All Players*[VO1D]
C23B0B14 00000002
3800012C 901F0004
60000000 00000000
*All clips stay at around 300


YouTube Channel:

2 Re: [SC7E52] My first ASM code on 12/22/2014, 9:29 am


Not bad, but this code is pointless since infinite ammo exists already.

If you look at the assembly you might figure out that you can shorten your code still.

Register 0 holds the ammo amount and after you make it 300 it still gets added to so why not load into register 0 instead of adding?

803B0AEC:  2C030000 cmpwi r3,0
803B0AF0:  40820024 bne- 0x803b0b14
803B0AF4:  7F83E378 mr r3,r28
803B0AF8:  4BFFFF41 bl 0x803b0a38
803B0AFC:  7C7F1B78 mr r31,r3
803B0B00:  7FA3EB78 mr r3,r29
803B0B04:  48000935 bl 0x803b1438
803B0B08:  907F0000 stw r3,0(r31)
803B0B0C:  38000000 li r0,0
803B0B10:  901F0004 stw r0,4(r31)
803B0B14:  801F0004 lwz r0,4(r31)
803B0B18:  7C00F215 add. r0,r0,r30 # li r0, 300
803B0B1C:  901F0004 stw r0,4(r31)
803B0B20:  4080000C bge- 0x803b0b2c
803B0B24:  38000000 li r0,0
803B0B28:  901F0004 stw r0,4(r31)
803B0B2C:  83E1001C lwz r31,28(r1)
803B0B30:  83C10018 lwz r30,24(r1)
803B0B34:  83A10014 lwz r29,20(r1)
803B0B38:  83810010 lwz r28,16(r1)
803B0B3C:  80010024 lwz r0,36(r1)
803B0B40:  7C0803A6 mtlr r0
803B0B44:  38210020 addi r1,r1,32
803B0B48:  4E800020 blr
803B0B4C:  9421FFE0 stwu r1,-32(r1)
803B0B50:  7C0802A6 mflr r0
803B0B54:  90010024 stw r0,36(r1)
803B0B58:  93E1001C stw r31,28(r1)
803B0B5C:  93C10018 stw r30,24(r1)
803B0B60:  93A10014 stw r29,20(r1)
803B0B64:  93810010 stw r28,16(r1)
803B0B68:  7C7C1B78 mr r28,r3
803B0B6C:  7C9D2378 mr r29,r4
803B0B70:  7CBE2B78 mr r30,r5
803B0B74:  7FA3EB78 mr r3,r29
803B0B78:  480008C1 bl 0x803b1438
803B0B7C:  7C641B78 mr r4,r3
803B0B80:  7F83E378 mr r3,r28
803B0B84:  4BFFFE75 bl 0x803b09f8
803B0B88:  7C7F1B78 mr r31,r3
803B0B8C:  2C030000 cmpwi r3,0
803B0B90:  40820024 bne- 0x803b0bb4
803B0B94:  7F83E378 mr r3,r28
803B0B98:  4BFFFEA1 bl 0x803b0a38
803B0B9C:  7C7F1B78 mr r31,r3
803B0BA0:  7FA3EB78 mr r3,r29
803B0BA4:  48000895 bl 0x803b1438
803B0BA8:  907F0000 stw r3,0(r31)
803B0BAC:  38000000 li r0,0
803B0BB0:  901F0004 stw r0,4(r31)
803B0BB4:  93DF0004 stw r30,4(r31)
803B0BB8:  2C1E0000 cmpwi r30,0
803B0BBC:  4080000C bge- 0x803b0bc8
803B0BC0:  38000000 li r0,0
803B0BC4:  901F0004 stw r0,4(r31)
803B0BC8:  83E1001C lwz r31,28(r1)
803B0BCC:  83C10018 lwz r30,24(r1)
803B0BD0:  83A10014 lwz r29,20(r1)
803B0BD4:  83810010 lwz r28,16(r1)
803B0BD8:  80010024 lwz r0,36(r1)

Anyway, if you need help with finding out what to write in ASM, try this program:

Also always use the XOR calculator in Gecko.NET to make C2 and 04 ASM codes into F2 if you code for Call of Duty because memory changes.


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