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Well I get this a lot. By a lot I mean all the time. People finding spyware on there computer and freaking out cause they are afraid someone is stealing there info. My response to that is stfu rtfm and think about why you have it on your computer. A big thing people don't think about is the websites they go one they just go right to someones hacking there shit. 27 computers came in yesterday all with the same issue. Spyware. These people spent 5 hours trying to get rid of it it toke us 14 seconds to find the problem and 11 seconds to get rid of it. Anyone hava any guesses to what it was? It was there website history for 2 of the biggest websites with a ton of Spyware Facebook and YouTube.

Facebook uses Spyware to go through your bio to see where you are and the people you are friends with to give you friend and game suggestions.

YouTube uses Spyware to see what you have searched on the site so they can give you advertisemts based on your intrests. Such as music, movies, funny videos. Thats how the Recromended for you sections and videos come from.

These idiots were searching for 5 hours and payed up to 560 dollars in all different types of sercerty and virus protection crap for absoultly nothing. Once we cleared the history and ran the program again all of it dissapered. This is just a life lesson to always use common sence and don't go jumping to conclusions like these idiots did. Rolling Eyes


Admin & Writer
My fuckin' friend came to me one day and started whispering to me "Dude, don't tell anyone, but I was looking at porn last night and the RCMP knows I've been looking at porn and they say they're going to confiscate my computer and throw me in jail for life!" He started literally bawling his eyes out. lmao2 Turns out it was a Ransomware Trojan called "Ukash".

I went over to his and got rid of the virus. Since it was my first time getting rid of that virus, it took me about an hour or so to do it. But now since I know how to do it, I could do it in under 10 - 15 minutes. I looked at his recent downloads and it was a "codec". How fuckin' stupid could you be?! Rolling Eyes

The next day the same thing happens and NOT because I didn't get completely rid of it! He went on another porn site. He said the site told him to and I quote "Click here and download this codec to watch this awesome hot babe. Don't worry, it's virus free!" I told him to go fuck himself unless he paid me. He decided to not pay me, so I didn't bother with it. Fuckin' ignorant, retarded people these days.

One thing that I did find out was his IP that I later used to put a RAT on his computer and troll the fuck out of him.



shitnbitch@BWH wrote:The next day the same thing happens and NOT because I didn't get completely rid of it! He went on another porn site. He said the site told him to and I quote "Click here and download this codec to watch this awesome hot babe. Don't worry, it's virus free!"
This is why I only visit the porn site of my trust which doesn't have any ads, premium or other bullshit. xD

What costs people the most money in life is their own stupidity. Some people more and some less.

I bet if I asked them in advance to pay me 100 $ to fix their PCs whenever it's needed they would've denied it but then freak out. Also everyone who thinks companies are interested in stealing someone specific's personal information to "expose" them is just as dumb. Big companies use stuff to provide better advertisements and to excavate information for statistics only. Nobody cares about you personally. It therefore doesn't even matter to oneself. Fucking n00bs.

I also have all IP addresses and shit from people visiting this site so tremble in fear, nothing is going to happen with these information besides for country visitor statistics on the left lmao2

Almost daily I'm shocked as to which kind of retarded human beings can even still live in this world. One woman ran into a technology shop because she turned her phone off and didn't know what to do. She never turned it off before. Then she freaked out that the phone wasn't working immediately again and the retailer told her that it's now booting up the system firmware. I mean, REALLY? How brain-dead retarded can someone be? Slap



I instantly think of Bill O'riley the right winged dumbass from Fox News. Honestly how can you surive on this planet for 45 plus years abd be that stupid.


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