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Hello everybody,

I wanted to ask you for a code for Luigi's Mansion. All codes are working great, but with the One Hit Kill codes,
there's an annoying problem: If you suck up a Portrait Ghost while the code is on, you don't get any Pearls, and so you don't get it
in Gold. I tested if it works to activate Have 99 of all Pearls, but this doesn't work.

Could there be a code which can make possible that the Portrait Ghost is OHKO'ed, but still drops every Pearls it has?

I'm asking here for a Gecko Code because the Action Replay Codes make Dolphin crash, and because Bully made some codes for the game already.

Thank you for your help!


So the pearls code isn't working and my instant kill code makes it so that no pearls are dropped? Did you try the code version by Ozelot?



Yes, I also used Ozelot's version. Back then, some years ago, when I played it on an original Gamecube and used the Action Replay codes which Codejunkies made, I only got Bronze ghosts, too. You don't get Gold ghosts if the ghost doesn't drop any pearls. I guess that the game only recognises the pearls to be collected, when Luigi actually collects them from the ghost itself. Just setting the Pearls to 99 has no effect.

So I need a code which actually causes the ghost to drop everything it has all at once, so I don't have to worry if it relases enough Pearls or not.

By the way, do you need the RAM dump? I'm playing the PAL version but I will try it on the NTSC version, too.


Well, that could be a difficult code to make. I'm afraid you're out of luck :/



I find it pretty strange that nobody considered this. Codejunkies also didn't seem to be aware of this. Sure, I can get them all in Bronze, but it's way cooler to have them in Gold.

Anyways, could you make a code like "Portraits always Gold"? Maybe you don't need the pearls then, if you could force the game to produce Gold Portraits regardless of how many pearls you have.


Indeed, that's a good idea. It would be helpful if you upload your savegame with at least one gold portrait.



Okay, here's my save. I hope the format is correct. The first three ghosts are in Gold. I saved after the second boss, which is Gold, too.


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