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1 Donations Don't Work on 2/10/2015, 1:54 am


Do you know why there are so many programs and the likes out there which have a paid pro or full version? Simply because programs take a lot of work to create and people never feel like donating if something is free. So if they actually donated sometimes they would enable people to make better things for free.

So what's the point of even making something free if people are being douchebag leecher pricks? For example this website got over one million views since its creation and barely 5 people ever donated even though the link is there on the right and usually against an extra favor as well. "Ui dunt hav paypal" everyone says but we all know most of them actually do and just won't admit it to have an excuse for themselves. Look, everyone providing content could as well spend the same amount of time into a job or whatever and get paid for sure without people bitching and trying to steal your revenue. Internet marketing is also business and not something "invalid" to make money off so the "get a real job" excuse doesn't count because it can be "a real job".

Overall being generous is useless so why bother? Being selfish rules because it works. A worse life to make random people out of 7 billion in the world happy? Ehh. Rolling Eyes Just profit the most yourself like everybody else does. Making everything paid when it's decently popular is in fact a much smarter thing to do because some people definitely will do so in exchange for the stuff they want so bad. It might anger people and they might start stealing your stuff and posting it somewhere for free but after all it benefits you way more than just giving it out for free and asking for donations because nobody does that. Donations are something people ignore like stupid ads on websites so we need licensed and copy-protected stuff.

Losing revenue from missing ads on the website? Nope, gotta make sure it'll be netted in since the site also costs me money. Talking about ads, you run ad-block and come here to leech? Hell no, fuck off. I've got an anti ad-block script for you kids. Turing that off is the least you can do in return since codes and the likes aren't even behind adf.ly due to people bitching a lot in the past and thinking that 5 seconds is an impossible waiting time for something that probably took hours and lots of knowledge to create so they feel the need to leak it somewhere without ad.fly *cough* n00bstealers *cough* Rolling Eyes

The more I learn about how the world works and business the more of a douchebag I can be myself so deal with it. I don't only do things for public charity but rather for myself. No stranger would do anything for me anyway no neither will I.

That's sums it up pretty much, it's how the world works so don't get me wrong, I'm doing the same thing by getting the best out of everything for myself but it truly sucks for everyone who makes some money on the Internet with ads or selling of electronic goods. I used to donate sometimes but it wasn't really doing anything so from now on no more charity from me. Wink


2 Re: Donations Don't Work on 2/11/2015, 4:01 am



I know Bully but most people are just not that nice lol some are like people that code they give them out for free but they never give back all they do is just take the codes and run if you know what i mean lol.


Feel free to ask questions to any of the BWH members I am the most active so more will be come from me lol xD


3 Re: Donations Don't Work on 2/12/2015, 4:50 am


well ill donate when i get a paypal set up Razz . just said fuck it for the longest time to it lol.

i have an idea you could make money off, have a donater status and a free status. aka, when you donate you have the option to turn the ads off yourself, but if you dont donate then you cant and make sure ppl cant block the ads

btw your anti adblock script fails Razz.it poped up i baraly read it but i saw "adblock" in big letters i just refreshed and it brought me to the site.

either that or my adblock sucks haha. even when its on i get popups all the time haha.

Last edited by HeadShot:O on 2/12/2015, 4:53 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : typos duhhh lol)

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