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Admin & Writer
Have you tried listening to Binaural beats with your eyes closed? You can see some pretty cool shit. You have to really relax and tune out all other noises. Try it with headphones. If you don't have headphones, then try it without, but do it in a room or some shit where you can't hear anything else and that nothing will distract you.

Once you get good at this, you won't need music anymore. Although, getting "good" at something like this isn't really a good thing because you could close your eyes while trying to sleep and you could have trouble getting to sleep because you are seeing things that you shouldn't be, at least not until you dream.

This is similar to the Ganzfeld Effect. Your mind is hearing constant, repetitive noise without being able to see anything. So, it makes up it's own things that it wants to see. You see things and those things have relations to all five of your senses. For example, you see a bird and then you'll hear it chirp and fly away. Right there you have visual, auditory and action in that order. I'll explain relations some other time. This is how your mind thinks one thing and then begins to think another (relations).

The reason why you'll only be able to see things and not taste or feel is because the taste and feel senses aren't being tricked. Like I said before, relations. You won't be able to feel or taste things because your mind will choose abnormal things instead of things you'll see in real life. Anyways, I'll shut up and let your mind figure out the rest.

Also, here's a cool, dark ambient beat I listen to all the time.

Kammarheit - Spatium

This is what I've seen while listening to several different beats.

A man in a very fancy tuxedo sitting on a porch smoking a cigarette. The side of his face began to peel and beneath the skin was a bright blue glow similar to that of a fluorescent light. His face started to peel more. A one eyed figure, similar to that of an alien from the movie “Aliens” jumped out of the man and then suddenly exploded. It wasn’t like its guts blew all over the place or it was engulfed in flames. No, it was more like a when you smash a piece of glass and each bit has its own shape and size. The pieces fly outwards, but instead of landing on the ground, they were still in empty space and were just floating for a few seconds. Those pieces of the alien started to spin really fast in a circle, similar to that of the asteroid belt on Saturn’s orbit.

A man appeared walking down a hallway without walls. He came out of a brightly lit doorway at the end of the hall. He was dressed in a tuxedo and wearing sunglasses, just like the man smoking a cigarette. He came up close to my vision and took off the mask that he was wearing. He revealed his true face. It was made out of rock and oozed out slime. His eyes were a mix of yellow and red not orange, but were mixed together. He was one ugly motherfucker.

A rabbit that dug its way into a hole. It went through a hole and found a little home of mice. By “home”, I actually mean a home! It had chairs, cabinets, an oven and other shit too. The mice were even wearing clothes. It reminded me of The Minish from The Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap. The rabbit started devouring one of the mice. Guts and blood didn’t come out of the mouse though. Out of the mouse, as the rabbit bit into the mouse, were rainbow coloured strands that wrapped around the rabbit and shrank it. As the rabbit was shrinking, it started bending and twisting. Suddenly a flower appeared that looked very similar to Chamomile. It started to flash rainbow-like colours.

What I saw was a rabbit looking down on planet Earth in empty space. Its ears started to grow upwards and were really tall, similar to that of Bugs Bunny. Its ears popped out three spikes on the tips of the ears on both ears. It then proceeded to use the spikes on its ears to dig chunks out of the Earth and then feed on the chunks of the planet. This didn’t seem to do anything to me. I just kept relaxing and waited for my mind to make up some other really weird shit.

I decided to interact with this next vision. By “interact” I mean pretend I could reach out and actually touch these visions and alter them.

I saw a patch of loose grass. I thought there was something underneath it, so this is when I started to reach out and start digging with my hands. I removed the grass and made my way into the dirt. As I was removing the dirt, I started seeing a brown, wooden box. I kept digging to remove the excess dirt. I opened it, but inside wasn't treasure or something else you’d think you might find. It was the planet Earth. Of all the fuckin' things it could've been, it was the planet Earth.

A desert filled with glass shields rotating, similar to that of the rotating shields in the sky of the NES game Xevious. Out of the desert sand appeared a funny looking creature with a cloak similar to that worn of the sand people in Star Wars. He took off the hood of the cloak. He looked friendly and all. He had eyes on both sides of his face similar to that of a fish. His face was lightly hairy, brown coloured. He had a beak-like mouth. His mouth started to extend really far, just like Pinocchio’s nose when he lies. It extended out into a space-like world. His mouth touched a door with a keyhole in it. He stuck his long, beak-like mouth into the keyhole and it warped the door so that there was no door anymore.

Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms growing out of a pile of light brown dirt in dark space. These mushrooms weren’t regular P. Cubensis mushrooms. In fact, they resembled trees. One would sprout out and a few others would sprout out of that one and so on and so forth. The reason why they resembled trees is because their stem was a light – dark brownish colour and the top of them was green instead of being the colour they normally are.

A wizard like character appeared from one of the rotating shields that must’ve came from the desert planet or some shit. He walked out of it and waved for it to leave. It vanished immediately. He picked up one of the P. Cubensis mushrooms which was slightly more than half the size of himself and pointed it at a door. The door, which was rainbow striped ¾ from the bottom to the top and the ¼ of the top being all gray started to have one of those water ripples like when you throw a stone into the water and it has small waves outputting from the impact. He didn’t poke it or anything, he merely just pointed to it and it started having a water ripple effect. The doors opened. There wasn’t any bright light like what you might’ve expected. Once the doors opened, all I could see was space which was the same thing that was all around us.

I didn’t go through the door, instead the door went through me. It moved closer into my vision as if I was going through it. A shape of a water droplet appeared like it was in a secret realm like the magic fairies in the Zelda games, if you’ve ever played Zelda, especially The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap; a top-down version of Zelda. The water droplet was like a pool that was in “top-down” view. It was outlined in rainbow colours. After several seconds, it turned into an onion and rolled against a computer server machine. It reminded me of The Onion Router or Tor as it’s better known as.


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