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1 Microsoft Crapdows 8.1 on 2/24/2015, 9:56 am


I just noticed how crap Windows 8.1 really is when I tried using a VPN client which didn't work but does fine on Windows 7, when I connected an external hard drive and it wouldn't work unlike on Windows 7 and finally when I tried to boot from an external hard drive and there are a vast amount of confusing options to mess with for it to be possible (for security purposes) which I gave up on.

This, stupid full screen apps, obviously the app screen and the looks SUCK. Why the fuck do I need to keep editing the registry to maybe get something enabled/fixed which is broken by default? Neutral

Luckily they made Windows 10 by combining (the best of?) Windows 7 and 8 at least fixing a few of my concerns. I hope so, because the system itself is GOOD if only they made everything else work (again) as well.


2 Re: Microsoft Crapdows 8.1 on 2/24/2015, 1:02 pm


Trusted Member
Trusted Member
Me personally i like Windows 7. I fucking hated windows vista. Windows 8 there's apps and everything but i can't make a judgement cause i rarely use windows 8. Did you try the windows 10 technical preview?

3 Re: Microsoft Crapdows 8.1 on 2/24/2015, 1:33 pm


Admin & Writer
I saved myself like 100 GB from deleting all those stupid apps that come pre-installed with the computer. 90% of those apps you don't even need and the ones you might, you'll most likely never use them. There's even a weather app and I wouldn't use it because I can just type into Google temp:MY CITY NAME and it will tell me the temperature. Their "creativity" is just a waste of hard drive space. Also, I think Microsoft went too far with their so-called creativeness. They just pushed to see what they could do with the OS. They don't care if people don't like what they made. We'll have to use it because that's the only OS that comes on computers now.


4 Re: Microsoft Crapdows 8.1 on 2/24/2015, 2:31 pm


TheDetonator wrote:Did you try the windows 10 technical preview?
I've seen a video and it wasn't bad. They went towards the right direction Smile

shitnbitch@BWH wrote:Their "creativity" is just a waste of hard drive space.
So true! Most shit you don't need to waste your hard drive space for because you can just go to some website or it's just pointless. Also the way they force people into stuff is annoying.

Don't want to use their cloud service OneDrive? Too bad, gotta load it up anyway. Only a registry change let's you turn it off which you need to know (or Google).

I currently have 91 GB full from just the system and I can't seem to find a way to get more storage freed. The apps are next, then Twisted Evil


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