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1 Why are people never being helpful? on Thu 26 Feb - 16:56


What bothered me since the beginning of my Internet time is why nobody likes to help anyone. If you ask questions or if you're a n00b at something and want to get better it's extremely hard to do so because of stupid people never being helpful. Either they give barely useful replies or ignore you because they don't care or are bored of helping you already. Rolling Eyes

It has been like that with the Wii game hacking at the beginning and now it's pretty much the same thing with the 3DS. Someone invited me to join his "team" for Mario Kart 7 hacking and I accepted so he wanted to introduce me to everything. I did as much as I could alone. Then I asked a few questions on stuff and his answers were pretty unhelpful and misleading like "try this", "it's been a long time" or "it should work" instead of "this is how I do it" so it took me a while but then I got it working but I was still missing something which I asked. Suddenly he stopped replying and days later I asked if he's busy or something and he just deleted me from his contacts without any comment. What the fuck?

Then I asked another guy who was pretty much into the same thing and he answered in 1 sentence. Alright, that helped a bit but it didn't solve my issue so I elaborated as much as I could for a 2nd message and he then ignored me as well. Rolling Eyes

Stupid assholes, everyone the same. But why? Slap

Years ago mdmwii said: "Share is progress" and posted all of his Wii codes (game ruining or not) on his site's Hacker's Club because vanishing from the scene.

How right he was. There's a reason why he basically has been my favorite Wii hacker. Rolling Eyes



Moderator & Code Porter
It is similar everywhere, I asked to a guy if it was true that if we looked for online offsets on PS3 we were banished at once (a technician had told me that), he answered me : Laughing
It's me who erased him of my contact.



Trusted Member
Trusted Member
Being a noob at something is more stressful then one might think. People that actually know what their doing just will not help you to their fullest, they'll either saying something like "Do this, or do that" sometimes they'll just say "What a nub" and not even help you. The only way to effectively learn shit is to teach yourself unless you take classes of course you have a teacher. People just don't share their knowledge anymore.


Admin & Writer
Yeah, but there are sometimes n00bs that say they want to learn and someone will teach them, but then the n00b will give up. But either way, the teacher should never give up on the student.



He answered now so I'm basically taking it back but still most people are assholes Razz


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