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This idiot is just running off with the mouth about consoles and crap. He has no idea about what he's talking about or even saying. I'll post a few of my favorite quotes from this idiot.

Dumbass on YouTube wrote: XSS is not a language. It is a proxy, and the vulnerabilities you stated are non-related to the Xbox, or Microsoft in general. (neither is CSS, dumbass)

Hmmmm never said it was but whatever xD.

Again Dumbass wrote:ah, you "make your own codes" well you're a fucking genius then. You invented Java?!?! AND PYTHON!?!?

Oh ya I did it xD I did it all mother fow xD The retard can't even read right I was talking about Console Coding noob

Mega Retard wrote: Sega and Gameboys do not have the IP you can supposedly reset because the idea of an internet proxy at that time was not thought of.

Hmmmm Yaaaaa some smarts going on here so happy you can tell that it doesn't connect to the internet xD Again I never said anything even remotely close to that. fail

Ultra Retard wrote:. It is called JTAGing, R-JTAGing, or any of the others, not "jail-breaking" you Apple using freak. (nothing against mac users)

Hmmm pretty sure I was talking about Xbox and it is similar to it otherwise you wouldn't be able to do the things you can xD. lmao

99% Retard wrote:DVAR is external and not in the games. and far from simple, you can't just do your magical open up Notepad, copy and paste (again from the same forum that you copied it from already) and plug a USB into your Xbox.

Not even gonna comment about this one  stupid

Full Retard wrote:Dexing only applies to PS consoles.

Hmmm okay so please explane to me how my PS3 is Dexed and it not be a PC xD Good little skid upat

The retards YouTube Channel xD Only one Vid and shows no knowledge of coding or anything Which is pretty much how you know he's talking out his ass. Aside from his stupidity. xD


You can find all of his comments here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNztbJlXVRc

Have fun with this Skid guys xD Hope you enjoy tea



Admin & Writer
"Cross Site Scripting isn't a language, it's a proxy." I think I just lost almost every brain cell I had. Rolling Eyes

XSS = Cross Site Scripting - An exploit that allows unsanitized malicious code to be run on an application.

CSS = Cascading Style Sheets - A LANGUAGE that allows you to specify such things on a webpage, such as font, colour and the overall appearance of the webpage.

Get it fucking right, you motherfucking brain-dead retard!



Don't you just love idiots like this xD I know I do Wink



Trusted Member
Trusted Member
My favorite comment that you wrote: "What the fuck is wrong with you xD How stupid are you really? Have you been living under a rock? xD."

I just died


Lol thanks and I told this retard flat out I was gonna post it. Can't say I didn't warn him xD.



If retards would just shut up and read on Wikipedia or something to put their tiny amount of brain cells to work finally lmao2



The retard still thinks that DVAR's have nothing to do with the game xD. I wish for just once these skids would get it through there heads that if they don't know what they are talking about to just stfu xD.


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