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1 Anti-Virus Programs SUCK on 3/27/2015, 9:05 am


So I've installed a bunch of different anti-virus programs so far and finally decided to run none.

Why? Am I crazy? No.

95% of the time virus scanners pick up legit files and give me a hard time using them still when I want to. Also virus scanners often make my computer freeze, slow down or display stupid windows constantly which I can't stand when a program does that. Silence fools, I'm busy! Neutral

If you have brain.exe installed as your virus scanner you'll be perfectly setup. Just keep your system and browser up-to-date and don't click on random/weird websites/links hence using your BRAIN the way you should.

And don't forget, you'll save the money you would pay for an anti-virus license as well. All malware I've ever seen was pretty harmless and kills the system less than a virus scanner would. AVAST! made my laptop a piece of shit. I literally thought some kind of killer virus got onto my system (sneaking by AVAST!) but now that it's uninstalled everything is back to normal. Neutral

Again, there's still the Windows Firewall and Chrome or whatever to protect you just in case.

Be smart and now enjoy a faster system if you're a non-n00b computer user. Smile

Read this article for more details:


2 Re: Anti-Virus Programs SUCK on 3/29/2015, 1:09 am


Code Creator
That's right. There are 3 ways to get the computer infected by viruses.
1. You download the virus (for example in a mail) - in my opinion the most dumbest way to get a virus
2. Network transfer - there are not so many viruses who actually can get in and infect a network because of todays security standards of routers (WPS/WPA).
3. Get infected while browsing the web - professional programmers can implement a script in a website's HTML, CSS or JavaScript source which works as a virus.

You should install an addon in your browser which blocks JavaScript, because most viruses are caused by it. I recommend "NoScript". It is easy to use and you can choose which scripts should be allowed on a site and which not.

3 Re: Anti-Virus Programs SUCK on 3/29/2015, 3:08 am


Admin & Writer
A computer will and has to do anything the attacker tells it to do, but if the victim uses common sense, then they will most likely avoid the attack. As Xylon had said: The dumbest way to get a virus is by downloading it. If you use common sense and only download things from a trusted source, you most likely won't ever get a virus.


4 Re: Anti-Virus Programs SUCK on 3/29/2015, 12:08 pm


Only idiots catch viruses and those little anti-virus programs won't really protect against stupidity. Smile

I could make a program in Java to destroy your system (via native command call or just regular code) and it won't be noticed by any virus scanners. It's impossible to make a perfect virus scanner anyway. Fucking useless programs and you have to pay money for them. The only ones benefiting are the producers of these scanners and not even the ones who make viruses. Rolling Eyes

I won't run "NoScript" because it breaks almost every website.


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