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1 Joining Computer Science Question on 6/8/2015, 5:03 pm


If I'm horrible at Math (On tests, I get 30-50% usually Slap ), will I be able to do computer science? I'm currently am in Algebra 1 at 9th Grade 0_0. Will I be able to still do Computer Science when I get older?


Admin & Writer
The thing about computers is that there's so much you can learn and there's always more stuff to be learned everyday. You need to know A LOT before you even think of going off to college and / or university to study computer science. You'll have a hard time getting accepted if you aren't good at mathematics and especially if you have failed even a single class. If you're not good at mathematics, you need to apply yourself, work hard at it and make it something you can improve on.

Also, something tells me you skip class. Suspect No one should have 30-50% if they were to show up every single day and make an effort to learn. Well, guess what? You skip a single class in university or college... bye bye! They won't accept foolishness in college and university!

You still have many years to improve and start thinking if computer sciences is your thing. And if you get say 70% average in all your classes in high school in applied and someone else is in academic and they have a 95% average, but YOU are the one who is paying for your $40,000 college tuition and the other guy isn't. Who do you think is going to get accepted first? To be honest... you are because they look at you as someone who maybe isn't all that good in classes but you work extremely hard in the workplace and save your money to pay your own way through college instead of having to get someone else to do it for you. The other guy is really smart, but he gets mommy and dada to pay for his college tuition.

Think about it. Wink



You need to be pretty good at Math to have a chance basically grade B on average at high school then you have a good chance in surviving computer science and the Math classes at University.



Thanks for the response. The reason why I've pretty much failed is because with problems, I always do them wrong. Like my teacher shows me how to do it, but I only do 75% of what he does on a problem. That's why I'm low for my grade. And No, I've never skipped a class.

Also, one more thing. I'm taking Summer School for Algebra 1. Will that even out my Grade for that class?


negativexclan wrote:Also, one more thing. I'm taking Summer School for Algebra 1. Will that even out my Grade for that class?
Probably yes.



Trusted Member
Trusted Member
I found algebra 1 and 2 pretty easy, averaged a 90. When they threw in shapes into math, that's when i fucked up. (Geometry)

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