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1 My WWE2K15 Review on 6/16/2015, 1:49 am


Well a week ago they were having a Rollback sale for the game at Walmart so I bought it.

So the game play is simple you have the choices of Play (Play normal) then you have Universe (A year by year game play of the WWE). They have put in a NXT section of the game and a online game play of the game as well.

Play Normal: This is all the matches you can play in the game all the way from 1 on 1 title matches to backstage brawls. Same as before honestly I wish they would take out the inferno match and put the buried alive match back in from Smack Down vs Raw 2008. It was just a fun match to play and who doesn't love beating your opponent to crap to the point of being able to pour a bucket loader on them I mean come on.  Twisted Evil  Wink

Universe: They did a pretty good job at this honestly I wish there was more of people from today and tomorrow not so much of the "Popular" superstars. I mean if there was one person I loved beating the snot out of more then anyone and that was JBL mainly because he was just a rich southern asshole who loved to talk shit.

NXT: I was very disappointed with this section of the game because when you think of this you think oh NXT I must be able to create a superstar and be able to play and work myself in a real career as a WWE Superstar. You know get the real experience. Nope  Neutral . You play as NXT people and do select matches in there way into becoming a superstar. There isn't even any cut aways of a story so when you start a match the commentators start talking about a event in the persons life your play as that just happened you have no fuckin clue what the hell they are talking about. Well we don't have any cut aways to see what the hell happened so unless you actually watch NXT and follow that person career it just makes no sense. They really did not think that one through at all.

Online: Same as last year you compete you win a match you up your levels nothing more nothing less.

Music: I was okay with this because they have a jukebox of about 12 different songs all good songs but they removed the ability to add your own music which was a big fan favorite in WWE2K14. It was one of the reasons why the game was such a big hit. I mean who doesn't love having the song you love as your entrance music. I mean that's a big part of being a superstar you want that music to be YOUR music not some crap from other people.

Graphics: Really good actually not much to say on them though.

Creating a Superstar: Again disappointed but I can deal with it. They removed a lot of stuff and  put in a point system of how much you can customize on your player. It's 48 points and you need 49 to have a superstar the way you like it? To bad sucks to suck.

Other things: A huge one that really ticks me off is they removed the ability to create your own story line. That was always fun for me. There was not one game of WWE That I did not have my own custom story one because it was always cool with what you could do.

Over all: It is a good game but I think they really screwed up the experience of being a WWE Superstar which is the whole point of the game. They spent to much time and money on the online crap and graphics. Like how they only have select superstars for the advanced creation of a entrance Neutral  in my eyes they really missed on this one and I've been a WWE fan since I was 3 and remember all the old wrestlers even in the 40's/50's. I also have every game they ever came out with I'm just really disappointed with this years game especially with all the hype about it. Come on WWE You guys can do so much better.


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