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As you all know, the BigBoss has been sending out MANY (1000s) of Packages out to the Jailbreaking Community to theme/tweak their iDevice to there liking. Well, there are packages you can get for free, and others that you must pay $$$ for. Fortunately, I've made/Edited a Tweak that enables you to get BigBoss/ ModMyi Packages FOR FREE AND STRAIGHT FROM THERE REPO! Yes, there are Pirating sources out there But, why get those sources which lags cydia and your SpringBoard every time you go on it? That's when CyDown comes in. CyDown is a BETA Package that is mostly for Pirating Tweaks/Themes straight from the BigBoss/ModMyi Repo itself! It'll just say "Install" instead of "Purchase" and Cydia will say "This package is officially purchased  Very Happy ". CyDown is in Beta. Also, you may not need other sources anymore... BiteYourApple and other 3rd Party Sources you'll no longer need to have. The only ones will be needed, BigBoss, HackYouriPhone (Recommended), ModMyi, xReVoLT (My Repo for Package Updates), ZodTTD, and pretty much all of DEFAULT Cydia Sources. If you delete The BigBoss Repo, good luck getting it back! DO NOT DELETE BIG BOSS REPO PLEASE! I CAN'T STRESS THAT ENOUGH!

My Repo: http://cydia.myrepospace.com/xReVoLT/

Once Finished, goto my Repo and Click "xReVoLT -myRepoSpace" and install CyDown

How does it work? Simple

Ever Since Jay Freeman updated Cydia to 1.1.17, you can now edit Cydia to your Liking. Well, I edited it A LOT!

What does it include?

- "Loading..." to no longer load Cache UI Files
- Download(Recent) Features including "Recently Updated", "Paid", "Free"
- New UI in Settings.app/CyDown/ to be Noob Friendly
- "Close" Feature which allows you to "Close" after installing a tweak (Aka. The Downloads Black Screen)
- Bug Updates and Much More! Those are just the Main things ^Above^

Configure options in settings.app

Now, to get "CyDown", add my Repo(In case you didn't read above):


Thank You!

- xReVoLT - iTheme

- xReVoLT - iTheme

Advanced iOS App Hacker/Themer for Jailbreak. Working on iOS 9 Jailbreak and Darwin's Bypass with nvRAM Bypass. Add my Repo for App/Game Hacks(PM Me for App Hack Requests and I'll try to hack it):


- Packages are down right now...
- Over 16,000+ Repo Downloads

- Thank You
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