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1 Why I Have Been Distant on 8/5/2015, 4:22 am


Well pretty much what happened is my ex sent my gf pics of fake messages of "me" talking to her. They were about me lying to her and hitting on my ex. The texts never happened they were faked by her my gf is pissed at me currently not talking to me she is reading my texts however and her friend tells me she still loves me and won't you know do anything. It has gotten to the point of me going to my provider and having my texts and times pulled. Once she sees that there were only 4 texts sent and they weren't the bullshit my ex is trying to sell her.

I go to get them pulled Monday her friend says she will hold out and believe me and let me prove it to her. Once her and I sort this out I'm pressing harassment charges on my ex this is the 3rd time she's done this and I'm sick of it.

This is why I have been so distant for the past 3 weeks and when I have been on it's been on my mobile so I haven't been able to help out (sorry about that Bully) it's just a lot of crap as of late I just wanted to come out and publicly apologize for my absence.


2 Re: Why I Have Been Distant on 8/5/2015, 5:43 am


Oh man, you don't have to be sorry for being absent. Your ex is doing all this to hurt you? It's hilarious how much she cares then. Razz

Can't you show your girlfriend your view of the conversation on the phone to prove that you didn't write those fake texts to your ex?


3 Re: Why I Have Been Distant on 8/5/2015, 7:06 am



Damn that sucks. Sence when I grow up i might be a police officer. I know almost everything in the law if it was in a 6 mouth radius u can get her on the other stuff that she did to you i think not sure though. Put a restaning order on your ex same with your gf and if she talks to you or comes close to you she goes to jail or maybe even prison.


Feel free to ask questions to any of the BWH members I am the most active so more will be come from me lol xD


4 Re: Why I Have Been Distant on 8/5/2015, 11:17 am


@Bully I wish it was that easy. The only problem is that there is always that thing that I might have just deleted them. This way she believes me 100% and theres nothing my ex can do or say cause of that proof.


5 Re: Why I Have Been Distant on 8/5/2015, 11:31 am


Trusted Member
Trusted Member
Luckily my ex's stay outta my life, hope you can get through this. Why can't they just leave you to your life lol. Crazy bitches.

6 Re: Why I Have Been Distant on 8/6/2015, 3:41 am


Well I left my ex for her so the way she sees it my gf hates me and I'm heart broken. Even though it's not true as long as she thinks it I don't care. Legit I have spent 3 years trying to win this girls heart now that I have it I'd die before I'd give it up.


7 Re: Why I Have Been Distant on 8/8/2015, 3:40 am

Deluxe Batman@BWH

Your ex is probably jealous or probably wants you back I'm assuming. And I agree with Bully

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