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1Question How Do You Run Gecko Codes on Wii? on 4/3/2016, 6:40 pm


Hi i live in Australia and i was wondering if some one can tell me how or what i need to run the gecko codes on my wii it is a pal vertion.I am a old aged pentioner and i like the zelda games but i am finding it a bit hard.I hope some one will be able to help me.Thanks for your time.All the best Greg.


Admin & Writer
Go get Gecko Cheat Code Manager from HERE.

Watch this:


Alright, I'm currently on Linux and GCCM has a lot of bugs in Wine Browser (Windows Emulator,) so I can only tell you as much as I remember from about 2 or 3 years ago when I last used this program. If you watch the video above, Bully shows you how to use this program. However, he did say to just save the TXT file somewhere. If your SD card doesn't show a a TXT file in the path SDDRIVE:\data\gecko\codes\ of the name of your game ID. For example, if your game ID is SC7E52, you should see two files in the "codes" folder named SC7E52.GCT and SC7E52.TXT If you don't see a TXT file for your game ID, that's where you need to save it and have it the name of the game ID. But I'm about 90% sure it automatically saves the TXT file to the same location as the GCT file when exporting.

You can get your codes from HERE or HEREHERE

Make sure you have Gecko OS v1.9.3.1 installed. Now, watch this.


You can Google for it and how to install it. I won't show you everything. You have to learn these things yourself and the best way to learn is YouTube or Google.  Wink  If you have any questions just post here and someone or myself will help you. By the way, if you don't have the Homebrew Channel installed yet, you're going to have to do a shit tonne more than this before you can get cheats running on your Zelda games.

Also, I changed your name to just "gregorymaher." It's best not to have your username as your email address because it can attract hackers. If you need people to email you, enable the option in your profile settings (button at top). You'll need to log in as this name from now on.


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