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1 C++ Program ideas? on 4/29/2016, 7:39 pm


Alright so here's the deal-o lmao... I need to create a basic game it can be any game... but i have no idea lmao it's just going be text in the cmd but like i said idk what kind of game to make cause I'm uncreative and the professor said No 21/black jack lmao... Anyways any ideas? it'd be much appreciated p.s. it's worth like 40% of my current grade hahaha

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2 Re: C++ Program ideas? on 4/30/2016, 4:00 am


Admin & Writer
You could build an adventure game, either where the character moves around and does shit, like Zelda or a text-based question adventure game where it will ask you a multiple choice question and depending on what you choose, the game will ask you another question and so on and so forth, until you come to the last question which decides your fate. However, if you require help, it's prolly best to ask someone on the forum who knows C++ or at least can provide help in anyway. Don't look at me for help with programming, as I don't know any languages. I could never get the hang of it or stay focused on learning a language, I'd always go learn something else then come back to it and forget everything I learned. lol Razz

If you build a game like that, or any game for that matter, make sure you post a copy on this forum in the Downloads section, as many people on here, including myself would love to play a game made especially by a member of this forum. Wink Smile


3 Re: C++ Program ideas? on 4/30/2016, 7:53 am


Lol, it needs to be basic. So just do something like guess the numbers like I did. Quite embarrassing to release something useless like this but whatever. Smile

Black Jack is more tedious but still not hard if you just note down the card's point values and let players draw the point values randomly. But then you need to remove them from the list since that card is taken away from the pile.


4 Re: C++ Program ideas? on 4/30/2016, 8:27 am


Admin & Writer

Lol, I overlooked the word "basic." Rolling Eyes But yeah, that's a great idea. I've looked up codes in different languages for that game and they look pretty simple, just some mathematical code with some code that generates random numbers from a list, like 0-9 or if you want to get nearly fuckin' impossible and piss off everyone who plays it, you could do 0-9999. This game could keep you busy for quite some time. lol


You could make a tic tac toe game (aka: X's and O's). If you code it perfectly, absolutely no one, not even a computer should be able to beat it. Your professor might give you more marks if you can make it impossible. Wink


5 Re: C++ Program ideas? on 4/30/2016, 6:30 pm


Thanks Guys for the ideas Smile... I'm probably going start on mutliple at the same time see which one comes easier to me i'm probably going make a pokemon type of game kinda but so i don't get introuble i'll just use "dragons" lmao...
You choose two types....
computer chooses two randomly: and well you fight like in game boy lmao but just text idk what kind of grade this would get me though haha...

Sub to my youtube lmao Dr.GiggleZ-Wii

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