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Admin & Writer
I've tried to write bytes with the statement (or whatever it's called) memory.writebyte(value,address) and have tried many different versions of my very simple but should-be-working code. I have also tried to write to different addresses, thinking it was just the addresses I was writing to that had a compatibility issue with the code I wrote. I have tried such codes like the SoundDisplay by AsN or some shit like that and it seems to work. The only thing being is that the SoundDisplay code doesn't have any memory.writebyte statements.

My code is very simple. It's a 1 hit kill code. When the enemy's health is detected to be above 0 (0 = dead), bring it to 0 to kill them. However, what I've been thinking is that I need to tell the game to be more specific; as soon as they appear on screen, they will die or I should say should die because the code doesn't work either way. So, maybe why the code isn't working is because it only writes once and I need it to loop for every enemy that appears on screen? I don't know. I've taken a look at the RAM and the values seem to be changing normally. I don't want to do that, I want to kill them in one hit.

There is an address for when they fly back after being hit, however I am uncertain if there is an address that controls when I punch and if I have hit the enemy. There most likely is or how else could I damage the enemy. And of course, the address for when they are on the ground and when they disappear. Incorporating this into a code would be much better and more so better working (if it could work) than just writing a byte to the enemy's health addresses. Also, it's worth noting that when I kill the enemy at the end of the first mission when I'm facing the boss (a helicopter), the enemy dies in one hit and gets blasted off the screen and does not drop the grenades that I require to blow up the helicopter... because they've been blasted off the screen.

Writing the bytes works in the Game Genie / PAR cheating thing in FCEUX (obviously), but it doesn't seem to work in the Lua scripting that's built into FCEUX. Weird that it works with other games but not P.O.W..

I've tried other games with codes that include memory.writebyte, such as the Snow code for Super Mario Bros by XKeeper and it seems to work. So, why doesn't memory.writebyte work in P.O.W. - Prisoners of War? Neutral

If anybody could figure out why it's not working for this game, please let me know. I'd gladly appreciate it.


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