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I Am The Aki

Heyo! I'm back and this time we're going to be going over, exactly how to start making your own webpage!

Now, A lot of you are probably thinking, "okay whats the catch do I have to buy something?" and the answer is NO!! Very Happy
All you need to start is a computer, and internet! (assuming you have both because you are reading this)

The Start

To start Simply open Notepad or you can use one of
Sublime Text (My Personal Preference) or Notepad++

Now that you have one of the programs open or just the plain and simple Notepad on windows, we can begin. But before we start let me explain the basics.

The most important fundamental are always over looked, so lets go over them.

What is html?
Simply put, HTML is what stands for Hyper Text Markup Language which is basically the text and VERY basic styling of the webpage.

Now people always don't mention this but some do and that is what are openers and "closings" of HTML tags?
To open for a html tag simply put <tag> this will mark the opening of a tag for the webpage.
but to close it you HAVE TO just add a forward slash ( / ) like so </tag>

Lets Begin!

to start lets tell the browser what type of page this is going to be.

<html> </html>
Now this is important all of your tags will be contained inside of this tag!

Now look at the top of your browser you see how the tab says BullyWiiHacks? You do okay good. How is that done you ask?

Well it's simply done by two tags and text!

Open the Header tag like so
<header> </header>

now you ahead and add the opener and closer for the title tag\
your result should look something like this

<header><title>(YOUR WEBPAGE TITLE HERE)</title></header>

So, now that you've done that much you're now on to making the body of the webpage.
The body of a webpage is simply put what you are typically looking at when it has text, video, music players, etc.

Now how do you start that? Well, continuing on from the previous html code. You open a BODY tag. It should look a little something like this.....

<header><title>(YOUR WEBPAGE TITLE HERE)</title></header>

<body> (MORE TAGS AND TEXT LATER) </body>

So using the body tag tell the browser and the webpage what type of text you're using, sure you can just type. But then you'll just ave boring ass text on the screen. Why not spice it up a little with just basics right?! Right! Very Happy

Every webpage has a Heading or a just text that is bigger and smaller on it, Correct? Well it should be!

Now there are two ways you can make the ext bigger and smaller you have the easy way and the hard way. I'm going to show you both but the hard way later on when I cover CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).

The Easy Way

In html you have Six (6) header tags. Each one is either bigger or smaller. The order is in the spoiler below from biggest to smallest.

<h1></h1> = Largest Text
<h2></h2> = Second Largest Text
<h3></h3> = Third Largest Text
<h4></h4> = Smaller Then Original Text
<h5></h5> = Second Smallest Text
<h6></h6> = Smallest Text

At this point you should save your progress. Now how to open it as a webpage? When you save your file make sure you have 2 (two) copies of it. The first one you're going to keep as a .txt extension. The second one so you can view your progress and how it looks, save it as a .html extension.

I can't believe I forgot to mention two things. Haha Looks like I fucked up xD

At the start of every html page you have and I mean HAVE TO
identify what type of document it is by opening a  doc type tag and telling the webpage that what you are using is HTML 5 it should look like so at the end of the modification.

<!doctype html>
<title>(YOUR WEBPAGE TITLE HERE)</title>
<meta charset="UTF-8">

<body> (MORE TAGS AND TEXT LATER) </body>

You Always put the meta charset tag in the header but below the title if there is nothing else included in the header.

If you have reached this far then I congratulate you on some fine work and long reading. I am trying to comprise a way to make the next part easy to do and easy to understand as well as memorize.


Last edited by I Am The Aki on 7/9/2016, 8:56 am; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : Continuation of content)

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Mod & Writer
The tut looks pretty good man, however you did leave "[color=#******]...[/color ]" in the last Inbox.

But besides that man keep it up. thumbsup


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I Am The Aki

Modder~Kid MoDz wrote:The tut looks pretty good man, however you did leave "[color=#******]...[/color ]" in the last Inbox.

But besides that man keep it up. thumbsup
Thanks man, sometimes it's the little things that you don't notice xD

PSN ID: I-Am-The-Aki or Punish3r_Flame

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