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Yesterday finally i got all the things to have fun (sometimes) with mod menus in both modes... i have also a force host code with no migrate in multiplayer (It starts the match without minimum players[Why the f*** am I explaining this to who created it xD?]) Ehm well: The problem is that i see people trying to connect to the match in the leaderboard, but all the people are Timing out or leaving the game. Now a list of things that i have on it to help me and you to fix the problem

-USB Loader GX
-SC7E52 Iso, Edited with regionfrii and wiiisorenamer to cross it from NTSC to PAL (i renamed it to SC7P52)
-Game starting with cIOS 250 and Ocarina enabled
-Zombie Mod menu Big Ass edit
-Project Delta V6 (MP)
-A portable SIM router (I think that is the problem)

Any Helps will be appreciated. Thanks for the replies, in advice.

I tryed to make the code:
F2485070 022C0001
38000000 00000000
F2485F88 027C0401
38000000 00000000
F248948C 022C0101
38000001 00000000
F248C4E4 027C0301
38000001 00000000

With a CCP Activator... it doesn't activate when i press home on a normal Classic Controller:
28200F0A 00000800
F2485070 022C0001
38000000 00000000
F2485F88 027C0401
38000000 00000000
F248948C 022C0101
38000001 00000000
F248C4E4 027C0301
38000001 00000000
E0000000 80008000

This is the result code

Last edited by Double_D01 on 1/31/2017, 9:01 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Adding another request of help)

What's my SuuuuuuS?

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1. It's not the code, if you look on DRGigglez YouTube you can he posted the code. The code was to turn a public match into a private match which will prevent the people leaving.

2. If you still do get error where people are timing out this means that the mod menu has too many mods running which is causing people to be leaving and get timed out errors.

DRGigglez released the code on his YouTube channel and he showed you how to use it so yep. You can find it because then if you watch the video as well it saves us having to explain step by step on how to use it.

You don't need to change anything else. If you get any overflow errors or anything else then let us know.

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Thanks for the reply: I will setup this rapidly and try this now and tell you the result

Edit: Ehm, i don't find the video on his channel... how is called?

What's my SuuuuuuS?

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