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1 Bully and members on 8/15/2017, 10:39 pm


Im the guy who made the two videos on this website exposing fraud.
1. He copies random short parts of a long code which are common instructions/code types (not addresses!) so of course they might have multiple hits
2. He never searches complete codes because he knows that he couldn't prove his point that way
3. He uses codes by a leaking website and claims they're mine when they could as well by edited by that person when I have no control over what is posted somewhere else
4. He claims my code is stolen because multiple copies of MY code exist on the Internet all posted by leaking websites. LMFAO? Nice logic.
5. He claims I stole the codes but what if everyone else actually stole from me like how it really was since nearly nobody knows how to make codes the same as me because it takes skill? Wink
6. He claims the code section is closed because I noticed the codes were stolen. False, it was shitnbitch's idea to charge for the codes. I don't even get any money from that so how the fuck would I suddenly care about hiding stolen codes years later anyway? xD
7. The video creator has 0 clue on how to make codes yet he thinks he's qualified enough to claim what is stolen and what isn't? LMFAO
1. False, I copied the addresses of the codes I found, the first one I fucked up but the other two I copied the exact address of the code.

2. You can't, you just change the values of codes, of course it's gonna show up as yours lol.

3. They weren't edited, I double checked on other sources as well.

4. Ya multiple copies of someone elses code that everyone just slaps their name on for credit. You being popular in the wii hacking scene got all the credits because of morons thinking you made it.

5. Bullshit

6. He's your mod, of course you both will never tell anyone what's the real reason you closed the section.

7. False, I made codes for mw3 back when it was still popular

2 Re: Bully and members on 8/15/2017, 11:42 pm

Deluxe Batman@BWH

It sounds pretty retarded for you to come 4 years on to make these stupid accusations.

So you can make codes what a big deal.

If he steals codes why the fuck would he have a USB Gecko?

Clearly Bully has some form of knowledge on Wii coding because how the fuck did he create the code porter then?

How the fuck did he create the Create a Class tool?

Also explain how he stole codes for other games then.

Here is a good example of some codes Bully did actually create:

You clearly see codes that Bully has made that no one has ported over to PAL yet. This is clear evidence that Bully does know how to code and look at him now. He has moved on to Wii U.

Clearly your just being a stupid retard...

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3 Re: Bully and members on 8/16/2017, 8:27 am


1. You never copied any address. Do you even know how addresses look like? You clearly don't even know how codes work you idiot therefore all the bullshit you spew is automatically invalid. Period.
2. There is no evidence of edited values anywhere. Would you show me? I'm curious how many values I edited. The addresses must be the same then so you should be able to find that easily unless you still don't know what addresses are. Smile
3. Congrats they weren't edited as expected, so what? See point 4.
4. ModZ made a video on this since you never showed the websites. When they say it's my code, how exactly are they all lying about it unless I *actually* made them? Wow, what a surprise Shocked Ways to make yourself look even more retarded, kid. Just admit you're full of shit, suck dick and apologize. You have nothing going for you.
5. You claim bullshit but there is no evidence for your side only that they're all my codes like in ModZ video from above. Now show some of your poof, go ahead. I'm waiting.
6. You can read the real reason in the announcement posts you idiot:
Especially disrespectful little retards like you don't deserve the hard work of skilled code creators for free hence it's a "real" reason for paid access.
7. How cute, show me your little stolen codes then or are you scared to get exposed even more, you little dumbass?

You're the faggot you leeches off other coders FOR FREE and dare to insult them WRONGLY on purpose. Hopefully you get some more payback in real life because you're a worthless piece of shit. Must suck to be you being so jealous of others to do all this. I wonder how terrible your life already is. Get a life, retard Wink

Prove you aren't an idiot first before you talk, thanks. Actually no, you already lost it. All your points are invalid due to stupidity and completely made-up bullshit accusations because you couldn't support any of them, faggot. Cool

Topic solved, locked. lol!


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