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Admin & Writer
I found a website the other day that allows you to collect from faucets or to deposit your coins to the site, and convert them to another currency with a 0% fee and with a matched rate. You can't get any better than that! For example, if you convert Bitcoin to Litecoin at a worth of $1.25, you will get exactly $1.25 worth in the currency you are converting to.

Here's the site: CLICK HERE

Bitcoin Faucet #1
Bitcoin Faucet #2
Litecoin Faucet
Dogecoin Faucet

This is how much I made in the past few days. Note: I converted about 5,500 BTC satoshis to Litecoin, and that's just from what I earned in the past few days. It's currently equal to $0.15.

@MK, I'm not sure if you are still into Bitcoin, but I would highly recommend this to you. I'm going to convert back and forth at the best time to profit off it. Wink


Deluxe Batman@BWH

This is a really good way to convert your bitcoins. You could benefit from this as well.

This would only be useful if you are looking into the markets and good at calculations.

Just invest some money into a currency and start watching the markets and then use calculations to estimate value of the currency and then convert the currency and see if you manage to get some extra coins coming in.

Subscribe to me here: My Channel


Admin & Writer
Yes, exactly! Not only the markets and calculations, but the news and future events, or current development on the crypto network and software. Lots of things can have an effect on whether the coin's value will go up or down, and by a varying degree based upon things we aforementioned.

Also, you don't necessarily have to invest money into a crypto stock, you can just use several faucets pretty much everyday, and quite a few times each day. Everyday, I make about $0.10 - $0.15 (CAD), sometimes even $0.20, just from using a few faucets. Using faucets is completely free, and is 100% profitable, because you don't have to pay into the crypto stock.

Doing what you said, but with faucets instead, is the best way to do it. The only downside to using faucets is it takes a long time, whereas using actual money is quicker, but is much less profitable... Hell, I don't think it even is; you'd be lucky after 10 years if you make a 10% profit, because using a site like Shapeshift or Changelly, the price of the crypto stock will need to triple or even be as much as several times the current price in order to profit, and even then, you are only making no more than a 10% profit. Sites like those rip you the fuck off. You put in $100, and are given 0.01 BTC, when you should be getting 0.45 BTC. That's just an example.

And with credit cards, you are paying the interest fee, which again, lowers your profit at a high rate. No, using faucets, and the site above where you pay no fee and the rate is matched is the best way to go.


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