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1 [Tutorial] Find User Ip On Skype on 8/20/2012, 4:10 am


Admin & Coder
Admin & Coder
tutorial by Crazy52

this is a quick tutorial on how to find someones IP on skype, this can be useful if the tard does not know how to find his own or if you just want to know who you are really talking to.

first off you will need;
Skype (obviously)
WireShark (or your traffic monitor of choice, preferably one with a filter)
Any OS supported by Skype (even android, over wifi only)

first you need to understand, the more active things are on you Skype; people trying to call you, getting status from contacts, and conversations will all give you a large amount of traffic.
(i personally recommend a temp Skype account, it makes everything so much more simple)

and we will be monitoring packets, not IP lists like network connections will normally provide, this way you have a better chance of finding the correct IP.

Getting started

first open up Skype and go to Tools > Options
now click the Advanced tab and go to Connection
un-mark and disable the option "use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections"
now take note of the port set in "use port XXXX for incoming connections" for this example we will use port 21625.
Save & Restart Skype.

Second Step open WireShark, pick the Interface you use to connect to the internet and pick Start.

you will probably see a lot of results filling up, we need to clean this up a bit using the Filter.

first get your local IP, you can do this in windows by starting command prompt Run > CMD
and in command prompt typing the following "ipconfig" (without quotes).

now take Note of your Local IPv4 Address for the interface you are using,
in this example it will be

now back to WireShark to filter everything only the things going from your PC on port 21625 and only udp.
in the filter box type;
ip.src == and udp.srcport == 21625
now hit Apply and you should only see Skype traffic from your PC

most of the resaults are from the skyp servers but to make it even more accurate add
"and data.len == 3"
so now it the filter says;
ip.src == and udp.srcport == 21625 and data.len == 3

now it should be very easy for you to spot someones IP when you call them or they send you are in a call or get sent a message.

~ tutorial by Crazy52 @ Newhax.com


2 Re: [Tutorial] Find User Ip On Skype on 8/20/2012, 5:45 am


Nice tut.


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